Not Even Brothers - Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
Not Even Brothers is Guy Workman and Pat Phillips. Over the past seven years they have been honing and tightening their music by playing venues all across the Southeast. Their driving acoustic guitars, tight harmonies and unusual mix of original and obscure classics has set them apart from other "Top 40" style bands. They know when to be soft and mellow with acoustic guitar and flute or drive the dance floor with full percussion, lights, rhythm and lead guitars. Their working song list has over 200 cover songs. Chances are they know several of your favorite songs. They have played living rooms, cow pastures, large and small concert halls and everything in-between. With four Bose sound systems ranging from small to very large, they can rock you with their full P.A. system and it's two pumping sub-woofers or play unplugged with just acoustic guitar and flute. They also offer the DJ experience for those occasions that need a little extra energy. With their top of the line Bose sound system and LED lighting they can set the night on fire. Why ask the question "Live or DJ?" when you can have BOTH.