Custom Vows by Casey

99 Westedge St, Apt 211, Charleston, SC

About Custom Vows by Casey

Hi friends! I'm Casey! I'm a wedding officiant serving Charleston, South Carolina. My goal is to perform wedding ceremonies that are engaging, relaxed and reflect the couple's personal vibe. I love to incorporate quotes from my favorite novels, poems and movies. ?My favorite romcom of all time is 'P.S. I Love You', a true tear jerker. Did you know the movie was adapted from a best selling book? The book and its sequel are ripe with amazing quotes you can include in your ceremony. I started 'Custom Vows by Casey' after spending years in a corporate job that never felt quite right. However, the job did lead me discover that I had a knack for public speaking. I feel a bit of a kinship with Jasper from 'Twilight', I can kind of feel the vibe of the people in the room, understand their emotions based on a glance or smile. I like to play off that and use my personal style to keep everyone engaged. So, I attended a friend's wedding where she had her friend perform the ceremony. This guy was so engaging that it turned the ceremony from a 'necessary' part of the wedding day, into something the guests and the couple were excited to be a part of. That's when it just clicked in my brain, "you should starting officiating weddings for a living". So I packed my bags, moved to the wedding destination of America (the beautiful Charleston, SC) and opened up shop. ?Now, I am here to offer couples a ceremony that is less stuffy, more modern and that ultimately, their family and friends enjoys.