Cathy's Rum Cake Caterers

1076 West Chandler Boulevard, Street 106, Chandler, AZ
About Cathy's Rum Cake Caterers
Since 1975 in the land of cakes and catering there was a need for something unique, completely out of the ordinary. The call went out for someone who could create a wedding that leaves a lifetime glow of enchantment. Only Cathy's Rum Cake Caterers and her Official Website, stood head and shoulders above the rest. Astounding the brides and her guests with full-service wedding planning; her legendary Cakes; Catering, Cup Cakes; "La Dolce Vita" Ribbon Sandwiches; Tea Parties and Dungeon Dinners. Peruse Cathy's Website and see all the incredible delights that Cathy has to offer - we think you will be amazed and inspired. Cathy's clients are her biggest inspiration - so big that a blog has been added to handle all this creative overflow. You can now see all of Cathy's Pictures at: - click the link below and be prepared to be dazzled. Technology is great, but we still value your calls and visits the most. In the last 34 years we have a cherished fellowhip with our clients; it is this bond that makes the magic of catering the largest of parties or the ordering of the smallest birthday cake. We take great pride in creating memorable moments for you.
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