Rated M

929 Sundown Drive, Castle Rock, CO

About Rated M

Rated M for Modern – Rated M is a next generation cover band, blending an exciting stage presence, professional lighting, “State of the Art” sound and stimulating interaction with the audience. Utilizing “cutting edge” technology mixed with classic musical elements, Rated M captures the audience’s attention from the moment they take the stage and never lets go. Their focus on fresh music and drive for originality creates a new experience with every show. Rated M for Motivating – With an energizing mix of danceable hits and exciting selections from many genres, Rated M strives to keep the audience on its feet and at your event. Sets are designed to allow breaks to give patrons time to refresh themselves and are flexible enough to accommodate feedback from the audience or establishment. Rated M for Marketable – A wealth of business and marketing experience is part of what makes Rated M unique, coupled with a willingness to push the envelope. Shows can be tailored to events and alliances are forged for sponsorship and benefits. Professional marketing materials and advertisement services are available, and cross references between locations and service providers can be supplied on our website. As a part of the Rated M Network, we can help to increase your site traffic and public exposure. We also provide promotional materials for some special events, such as gifts and prizes. Rated M for Mature – Rated M has years of combined musical and business experience, guaranteeing professionalism and dedication to providing your event with a positive outcome. Every interaction with Rated M will remind you of what a difference it makes to work with a responsible organization. Rated M for Maximum – It is important to us to offer the maximum yield from your entertainment dollars, whether performing for 10 or 10,000 people. Rated M is committed to exhibiting the maximum amount of energy at every show and providing the maximum appeal to audiences of all ages.