Irish Bred Pub & Grill

210 Adamson Sq Carrollton, GA

Great Pub atmosphere in West Georgia, An Eventective User from Carrollton, Georgia

The Irish Bred Pub & Grill has been a part of my life since starting school at UWG. Perhaps one of hte most common answers to the question "What are you doing Thursday" involve some variation of "I'm going to the Pub". The atmosphere is part of what makes it so special. Everyone is generally there to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Drink prices are competitive with other bars in the area. However, the food is really what sets it apart. Bar food is generally thought of as deep fried food that isn't too tasty. However, food at the Pub is excellent! Their specials are sensible and the selection of food in general is great. While it is general pub fare, the quality is great. Service from waiters and bartenders is usually prompt and courteous. It can be somewhat hectic to order a drink during later hours at the bar, however this will not be a problem if you are holding a private event there. The upstairs area is reserved for this purpose. There is a DJ booth, dance floor, and a well stocked bar for your guests to enjoy. They have always been willing to configure the area to your needs. There are poker tables available, plenty of TV's available for viewing events, etc. Simply inform them of the nature of your party and they'll do their best to accommodate. I have frequented The Pub for normal nights and for private parties. In both cases my experiences have been excellent and I recommend them for anyone wising to experience a pub atmosphere with great service.