Speedy Beers Band

2222 Masters Road, Carlsbad, CA

About Speedy Beers Band

Speedy Beers Band is a unique and exciting experience in Choosing and hiring a band for your special event. Would you like music from the 50's, old swing and Latin music from the 40's, how about music from the 60's, or maybe you like the Classic Rock music from the 70's or 80's, Were you in High School during the 90's or is it pop music from the current times that you would prefer. Are there special artists that you would like to focus on or is the blues your special groove. Do you like the old Motown music or maybe your heartbeat is the reggae music. You may prefer a variety, a mix of all the above. Bring your request to us and we will make it happen just for you. We are the last stop, the only stop for anything that you want in a band. We have the top professional musicians in town. Our basic make up is Drums, Guitar, Keyboard Bass, Male singer and Female singers. We can add more musicians to meet your needs at your request. Talk to you Soon. Call or email me Speedy Beers