E3 Detroit

42020 Koppernick Rd, Ste 204, Canton, MI

About E3 Detroit

E3 was created as an alternative to the typical booking agencies and corporate behemoths, both of whom lose sight of the creative passion and dedication that allow this industry to be so much fun. Our culture is built around a belief that we if we do what we love every day and never compromise on our ideas that we'll be wildly successful and our clients will be extremely happy with our services. Event Manager Shelby Teeter can help you choose the perfect entertainment package for your event! If you need marketing and/or social media promotion to gain a larger audience for your event, look to our Social Media & Marketing Manager, Erin Accomando. Need more entertainment advice from an expert in the industry? Have a chat with CEO/President Derek Rafferty. Our Bands: ~ The Dan Rafferty Band ~ First Call ~ Lucas Paul Band ~ Still Rain ~ LoveSick