Karen Benwell Photography

32 Aberdeen Rd South, Cambridge, ON

About Karen Benwell Photography

I'm always flattered to be chosen as the lucky person who gets to document such a significant day in a couple's life. I get the freedom to capture sweet moments and freeze them in time, whether it's capturing the groom's expression as he sees his bride for the first time, or their very first kiss as man and wife. Even behind my camera, one small moment can take my breath away. By the end of the day I feel a real connection with a couple. I've been able to follow them through one of the most personal days of their lives and capture its beauty. In a funny way, I am the fly on the wall that gets to witness so many powerful emotions.  My job is never a chore; I see it as a privilege. My images may never grace a cover of a magazine, but hopefully they will be passed on through generations of family members, and to me that means more.  To make you feel more comfortable with trusting me to capture your big day. I graduated with honors from a 2 year full-time photography program. I am a professional wedding photographer…meaning I’m not an accountant during the week and a photographer on weekends, this is my full-time job. I worked for 2 years as photographer for an award winning photography studio in Toronto. Most importantly this is my dream job. I love getting to capture one of the happiest days in a couple's life, it's fantastic.