Jacqueline Hoare - Life Celebrant

220 Oakmoor Place SW, Calgary, AB

About Jacqueline Hoare - Life Celebrant

My name is Jacqueline Hoare and I am a provincially appointed Marriage Commissioner for the Province of Alberta. I Love LOVE and I am very passionate about celebrating the lives people live - creating ceremonies with heart. In the last ten years, I have had the privilege of performing hundreds of wedding ceremonies. My goal is to create a meaningful ceremony with heart and humour. At the end of their wedding day, I want my couples to walk away feeling like they have been swept up in a total experience, which they, their family and friends will cherish and remember forever. A wedding ceremony is a chapter in a story which tells the past, celebrates the present and looks forward to the future. It is the heart of the wedding. I encourage my couples to have some fun and be authentic to themselves in the planning of their special day. My goal is to tell a unique story for every couple. Every word is carefully prepared. Whether they have a clear picture of their ceremony, or they have absolutely no idea, we’ll work together to create a meaningful, personal, and magical ceremony that they will never forget. That includes a simple, but meaningful ceremony, to a ceremony designed to incorporate rituals reflecting their personal faith, beliefs and culture. I’ve performed ceremonies in living rooms, grand hotel ballrooms and mountaintops. I welcome the challenge of creating and working with each couple to write the perfect ceremony that tells their love story. I will help them create a ceremony that’s "THEIRS" - be it fun, unique, intimate, traditional with a "twist" or even something simple. It won’t be a boring ceremony that everyone's heard a hundred times before - it will be theirs. If a couple would truly like to laugh and enjoy their day, I am here to help create a magical lifetime memory!