Boyd Entertainment

35 Prestwick Cove SE, Calgary, AB

About Boyd Entertainment

Boyd Entertainment is a small local family owned and operated business. Our services are All-Inclusive, meaning we include as standard what many other companies charge extra for. Such as cordless microphones, Ceremony music (if needed and at the same venue), and travel charges within Southern Alberta. Moreover, we just want to provide the best service, the best sound, and the best presentation, every time. Our All-Day Wedding DJ service includes all professional-grade and high-quality equipment. A full-range and zoned sound system setup. A reactive and interactive dance floor lighting system. All scaled and custom set up to the size and shape of your venue. We include music services and a lapel microphone for the Ceremony (if needed). We provide music for cocktails, dinner, and of course the dance after. We supply cordless microphones for speeches and other formal parts of the evening, and we provide a customized music consultation for all the formal aspects of the Ceremony and Reception. We also accent our equipment with up-lighting to compliment your wedding colors/theme. As mentioned, we are proud to say that we don't charge to travel to the many great destinations within Southern Alberta. To tell you a little about myself. I've DJ'd for 30 years now and have built up my resume and experience playing in Calgary's largest and most popular nightclubs over those past 30 years. Fifteen years ago, I transitioned from the clubs to high-quality social events, corporate parties, and weddings. What sets me apart from others is my experience and rather than just sit in a chair and press a button, I actually DJ. Working in nightclubs meant my only job was to make everyone dance and have such a good time so that they would keep coming back. I cater to all kinds of music genres and am always more than happy to take requests. Also, ask about packaging in our Photo Booth to save more money...