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About Natali and Kate LLC

Hello, our names are Natalie and Kate. We are wedding photographers from USA. We have a rich history of how we have come together and work together in order to preserve the most significant moment in the life of each person. We want to tell you a little about ourselves. "I have been involved in weddings, events and other family celebrations for more than 10 years. I was drawn to special events and holidays, when people wanted to keep their best memories. I could not live without the vivid emotions that attracted me to myself. I wanted to touch the history people who experienced significant days and help them remember the most important moments. Wedding photography holds a special place in my heart. This gives me the opportunity to become a witness and capture the beginning of a new family, happy smiles, sincere laughter and enthusiastic looks on the faces of loved ones. I am always honored to be a part of such an important event in life and to be the one to capture those special moments that will turn into wonderful memories" - Natalie. "I have been interested in photography since a very young age. I enjoyed this hobby that my father taught me and which has now become my profession. What a blessing that I found my life path. Through photography, I was able to give life to forgotten moments in memory. And I could not ignore the wedding photography. A lot of people find their soul mate, with whom they go hand in hand in life. And I wanted to help them remember their history. I still remember my first wedding, which I had the honor to capture with my camera lens and I remember how I photographed 20-30 or more minutes of a wedding cake. I couldn't tear myself away from him. And at that moment I fell in love with food photography. It's such a feeling when you look at a photo and want to eat the photo and not the dish itself =) And then I came to the decision that I wanted to photograph weddings and food." - Kate. We took pictures far from each other, not even thinking about the fact that we would someday meet. And one day we signed up for the same photography courses, with one of the famous photographers who connected our paths. We became best friends and united in order to unite our experience, our vision in photography and create something that will last forever. What to add to the history of each family and they will talk about it for a very, very long time =)