The Grinning Gourmand

3040 New St Burlington, ON
The Grinning Gourmand believes that in the business of catering, service and the expectation of exemplary service is what sets us apart from the rest. We make everything from scratch in our kitchen with recipes that we have developed throughout the years. We are continually adding to our long list of menu selections so as to give our clients as many options as possible; after all, it’s all about pleasing your customers and giving them a most-memorable experience. The fact that every client is different and may have varying needs is important to recognize. We come from a “just ask” perspective in that we are happy to accommodate our clients and their needs. One of our strengths is our ability to adapt to any catering situation. We are truly a “one stop shop”; we can provide you fresh and unique menu options, multiple styles of service, arrange for wait staff and licensed bartenders. We can also arrange any rental needs that may arise. We lend our expertise to making your event run as smoothly and flawless as can be. We do everything in our power to take the worry out of your hands and take responsibility so you can enjoy your event without any reservations. We are firm believers in looking at every job as if it was our first and too continuously offer exemplary menu options, professional staff, and competitive pricing.