433 Airport Blvd Burlingame, CA

Excellent wine county tour, An Eventective User from San Diego, California

One of my friends had gotten this huge groupon thing that allowed him to book a tour for all of us at a lower than usual price. We were 6 of us and the iLimo that carried us was fantastic. We started from the airport and were greeted by a courteous man who offered a bottle of champagne and some good advice on how to plan the tour. Some of us were new to this part of the country and the wine county as well so it turned out well. After about 2 hours of travel we reached our first winery and had a very good time there. The limo itself was well maintained and looked newer. The seats were plush and the driver did not seem to mind our constant (and at times drunk) jibber jabber. We went to several wineries on his recommendation and all were great. We did not know much about wine but the aim was to spend time together (all of us were high school friends, reuniting for a long weekend). I will highly recommend this limo service, for a group of up to 8-9 this will work really well. They also have night time SF tours which are good I have heard but never been on one. If you are planning on a weekend in SF or even a week, this or such a tour can make a good evening pass time. Dont drink too much wine or you will spin off inside the limo! Also once in the wine county, try visiting Artessa (I may not have written the correct spelling, I was kind of drunk by then) for sure. It was a great place. We finally left the limo after about 5 hours and were not unhappy at all leaving a handsome tip. In all, a great experience.