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Photo Booth Onsite Digital Event Photography with Instant Access There’s just something more fun about having your picture taken by someone else. Arm- length self portraits are extremely limiting and most people won’t really step outside their shell in public. Enter the next generation digital photo booth. Enter twineSTUDIO. How does it Work? To take a picture using twineSTUDIO, users just follow a few simple steps: For starters – guests won’t be able to miss the twineSTUDIO photo booth that is glowing in the corner of the event and surrounded by smiling fans To activate the iPad camera in the booth space, users start by tapping the snap it! button on the iPad screen. Next users use the screen to frame themselves using the iPad display. Users are prompted with a quick countdown timer and then the iPad camera snaps a picture. Once the photo has been taken, you have a few seconds to cancel the photo if you do not like it which takes you back to take another photo. The iPad will display a QR code via the info button which will direct the user to the app store where they’ll be prompted to download the twineLIVE app for viewing and sharing, their new photo at any time as well as all of the other photo booth photos from that event. (now or later)