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I’m a supporter of all who love each other and want to be married. Straight, gay, interracial, intercultural, everyone! All are entitled to their day of beauty. I've been a Buffalo, NY minister since 2007 and have been lucky enough to marry couples all over our rust belt city.


Amazing officiant! - An Eventective User from Danbury, CT

Michelle was an amazing officiant! She was wonderful throughout the whole process! She was always available to answer any questions I had. Her ceremony was beautiful! Everything she said resonated with us as a couple. We were so lucky to have her!

Amazing Day Made Even Better! - An Eventective User from Cheektowaga

Michelle was absolutely wonderful! My husband and I met with her and discussed what we wanted and how we would like the ceremony to go and she was just great to speak with. She made all of our guests laugh and cry at the same time! She did a wonderful job at our ceremony and I would recommend her to anyone! THANKS AGAIN MICHELLE!

Best in Buffalo! - An Eventective User from Arlington, VA

Michelle was amazing! We were planning our wedding from out of town and she made it so easy! She incorporated all the right details from our initial meeting as well as the reading we requested. The whole thing was seamless! We received so many compliments from guests. There were laughs and there were tears, it was perfect!

Wonderful Wedding - An Eventective User from Cheektowaga

Michelle Snyder was our officiant for our October 2014 wedding and I cannot say enough about her. She made our "Special Day" the most happiest day of our life.

Wonderful Wedding - An Eventective User from Cheektowaga

Michelle Snyder was our officiant for our October 2014 wedding and I cannot say enough about her. Thank you so much for making our day a very special day in more ways than one.....Excellent!!

Perfect! - An Eventective User from Buffalo NY

We had Michelle for our wedding 9-27-14. She was fantastic! She was so Professional and able to be contacted when we had questions during the planning phase. When we first met Michelle we knew she would be a perfect fit for what we were looking for. During the ceremony Michelle's readings were perfect, her voice tone was perfect and everyone could here her and we were outside with no mics. We were able to tweek our Vows and ring readings to what fit us and Michelle was more then willing to work with us. If we were to do this all over again there would be no doubt in our minds that we would choose Michelle again to be our Officiant!

ceremony we dreamed of! - An Eventective User from Akron, NY

My husband and I can't say enough good things about Michelle! When we initially met with Michelle she asked us to share the story of how my husband and I met, which she then worked into our ceremony to make it personalized just for us. The words that she spoke at our ceremony resonated with many of our guests; several later told me that her messages of love and friendship touched them after being married for years themselves. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Praise for Michelle! - An Eventective User from Tennessee

It all started with an internet search, looking for an officiant to perform our wedding ceremony in Niagara Falls. We came upon Michelle's Yellowbird wedding link and were impressed by reviews that were posted. After having a couple of email correspondences and a skype meeting we were totally convinced that she was the one for us. Michelle has a great personality which we liked from the moment we began corresponding. We loved her style and sense of humor. She has a very relaxed, pleasant and fun personality while maintaining a sense of professionalism. She made herself available to us throughout the planning process and responded to our concerns and questions in a timely fashion. The ceremony was very heartfelt and warming with personal touches and references Michelle had obtained during our skype meeting. She spoke very clearly and in a relaxed fashion and truly seemed to value the love and commitment that my now wife and I share for one another. Terri & Tammy

Perfect Officiant - An Eventective User from Grand Island

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone! She is fantastic! The guests at our wedding commented on what an awesome job Michelle did! She made our wedding day memorable because of the intimate ceremony she performed! It was exactly how I had dreamed it would be! We laughed and cried and we felt as we had known her all our lives. Thank you so much, Michelle, for performing a ceremony exactly how we had requested, for making our wedding day memorable, and for being the cherry on top of the sundae! You made our wedding day PERFECT!

Great Officiant - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Michelle was great to work with. She is kind and sweet. She listens to what you want for your wedding and suggestions anything that you needed. She is very fliexible and response to questions and concerns as soon as possible. She uses beautiful words in your ceremony. Thank you Michelle for everything

Lovely Ceremony! - An Eventective User from Rochester NY

Michelle was so accommodating and the end result was lovely. She was probably one of our best wedding decisions. At the time of our wedding we were living in Mississippi and we arranged a skype meeting. That was the only time we were able to meet her before the wedding (not that she didn't offer), and yet after one email and a stream of emails she still seemed to understand exactly what we wanted. She drove in from Buffalo to Rochester for a reasonable rate. She was professional and helpful, and wrote a beautiful ceremony for us, could not have asked for more!

Very Personal - An Eventective User from Newark, OH

Michelle at YellowBird Wedding is a sure thing if you are looking for a personal touch for your wedding ceremony. We are a same sex couple who traveled from Ohio. We never met Michelle until the day of our ceremony and you never would have known it by the quality of our ceremony. She got to know us via email and our ceremony was all about us! She rocked it. Highly recommended. Thank You Michelle

Best Officiant Out There!!! - An Eventective User from Hamburg, NY

I couldn't have found a better officiant! After searching and searching I found Michelle and knew I made the right decision! She is beautiful in heart and soul. Her spoken words at our ceremony were so remarkable, thoughtful and will always be a constant memory for me when I look back on our wedding day. Having her there made our day turn out even more fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend Michelle! Thank you for being there Michelle and being patient as I cried and stuttered/squeaked through my vows! lol!

An absolutely amazing officiant! - An Eventective User from Hattiesburg, MS

Michelle was absolutely amazing in every way! We were planning our wedding from a distance and she was able to meet with us while we were in town visiting family over Christmas. We did most of our chatting over emails and she was incredibly sensitive to work with (incredibly enthusiastic actually!) as a same-sex couple. She crafted a ceremony that was more meaningful and personalized than any other wedding ceremony I've heard, and many of our guests commented on this as well. She helped us figure out our vows, and worked in the readings that we wanted to flow perfectly with her ceremony. It felt like she had really known us and it made our wedding day absolutely perfect. We would recommend YellowBird Weddings to anyone looking for an officiant in the Buffalo, NY area.

Simply perfect! - An Eventective User from Rochester, NY

My husband and I found Michelle after searching tirelessly for an officiant for our outdoor wedding. With everything we had going on we kind of forgot that we actually needed someone to marry us! Haha! When we found her website we knew that she would be a perfect fit for what we wanted. After our first "meeting" on Skype all of our fears about finding the perfect officiant disappeared. She truly exceeded all of our expectations and performed the most beautiful ceremony that we could have ever imagined. We received so many compliments from our guests, they just raved about her, and we couldn't agree more. She was simply fantastic! Thank you, again, Michelle!

Highly recommended - An Eventective User

Michelle was everything that we wanted in an officiant. She is extraordinarily sweet and her first priority was creating a ceremony that fit "us" as a couple. We received more compliments than we can count from our guests about the ceremony that she performed. It had the perfect tone, was the perfect length, and didn't feel "cookie-cutter" - she added personal touches about our relationship. Prior to the wedding, my fiance and I got a bit of performance anxiety about our vows, and she was able to calm our fears and make sure that we were comfortable while also gently encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone. I don't think we could have found a more perfect person to make our once-in-a-lifetime moment just what we wanted it to be. We give Michelle our highest possible recommendation. Ian & Lisa

Perfect Ceremony - An Eventective User from Rochester, NY

Being in the military we did not have the luxury of time while planning our wedding, fortunately Michelle was flexible. Upon meeting Michelle, my wife and I knew she was who we wanted to perform our ceremony. Both my wife and I are casual, comfortable people and that's exactly the type of officiant we were looking for. Sitting down with Michelle for the first time was like meeting up with a long-time friend and that helped put us a little more at ease during our stressful time. Also, Michelle did an amazing job helping us select vows and the ceremony itself, matching them perfectly to our personalities. Michelle shows genuine interest in you and your wedding, and I'm very thankful to have chosen her to do ours.

Loved her! - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

We knew the minute that we sat down with Michelle that she was the person we wanted to marry us. She was professional, friendly and especially easy to talk to. She listened to our requests and honored each one of them. After our ceremony, we received many compliments about her. Many guests stated that she made the ceremony very personal and spoke genuinely about Drew and I even though she had only met us a few months earlier. We are truly thankful that we found Michelle! She comes highly recommended from this pair of newlyweds. Thank you, Michelle!

Michelle rules! - An Eventective User from Austin, Texas

Oh, Michelle was perfect! We were organizing our wedding from out of town, and she was extremely responsive, helpful, and reassuring. We met her on Skype a couple of times, and then she came to our wedding rehearsal to meet us in person before the big day. She exuded professionalism and caring. Her prices were also extremely reasonable and she was more flexible than the other officiants we talked to in terms of being willing to incorporate our wishes for a customized ceremony. For us, she was absolutely the right fit. Highly recommended.

Incredible officiant! - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Michelle made our wedding day beautiful and personal. My husband and I are all about cynical humor and she managed to incorporate this into our ceremony perfectly. All of our guests were really struck and we will always remember this day thanks to her!

Grand Island Wedding - An Eventective User from Germany

Simply said, Michelle did a great job. We had a same-sex wedding at a private home that we rented, and the ceremony was just perfect. She really got to know us beforehand so that the service was personalized exactly just to fit us and our beliefs, which is a challenge in and of itself since this was a destination wedding, my husband and I live in different countries, and we came in from out of the country to have this performed. Michelle was very flexible. She worked around the time difference and set up a Skype date so that we could all sit down together and discuss what we wanted for the wedding. Even though it was all long distance, it felt like we got to know each other well, so much that when the day came for the ceremony and met each other in person for the first time, I felt very comfortable with her. The ceremony was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for a better officiant. Thank you Michelle.

Brilliant - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Michelle was an absolutely perfect addition to our wedding day. I live out of town and was unfamiliar with what sort of officiants were available in Buffalo. My (now) husband and I aren't religious but are spiritual and after sifting through many not quite right options, I came across Michelle and Yellowbird Weddings through several reviews online. Her website was welcoming, warm and full of love - the pictures of her with all of her couples is what I loved best about her. It showed she truly cared about the part she played in each ceremony and wasn't in and out and on to the next one. Meeting with Michelle was like talking to an old friend - her sense of humor and infectious smile made us like her immediately. Communicating with her between the first meeting and the ceremony was fun and easy and she always replied quickly! Her words at our ceremony were personalized and heart warming. Everyone commented afterwards how well spoken she was (and how well they could hear her outside!) and many of them asked how long we had been friends! Her personalized delivery of our ceremony was so well done, everyone thought we had asked someone we already knew to perform it for us. She provided help and guidance with writing our own vows and tailoring the ceremony the way we wanted. She gave us a ceremony that held a great sense of importance and unity, but was also fun and easy! Her openness to the world and the enjoyment she gets out of her job makes her the perfect person to perform your ceremony! Just look at her website - every couple is completely different from the next and she finds her own way to make their ceremonies about just them.

Simply Sincere & Memorable - An Eventective User from Buffalo

Without rambling on forever about how wonderful Michelle was, I can simply say that if you are looking for an officiant who wants to keep the ceremony about your values and beliefs and be flexible enough to add new traditions or nontraditional vows... Michelle is the one. After searching and sitting with multiple other officiants who claimed they were non-demoninational etc. we were let down over and over... Michelle is exactly who she says she is. She really is in it for the couple to celebrate their love. It poured on our day, we had tree ceremony, and completely non-traditional vows, Michelle beared the rain with us, outside in the cold, and kept the ceremony personal, intimate and fulllll of joy. When we got a little too far off course, she roped us back in by putting our requests together in a way that was both memorable and meaningful. We couldn't have asked for more, she was eloquent, sincere and amiable... when we met her for the first time, we just knew she was the one to do our ceremony, we had fun with her and just clicked. Meet with her and you see : ) Michelle, THANK YOU for a truly beautiful ceremony that we and our guests will never forget, it was truly memorable thanks to your openess to go with our vows and make them meaningful instead of a joke... I don't know how you did it, but you made our sense of humor sweet, loving and made our day personal, about our love and friendship over all else. THANK YOU a thousand fold, till death do us part or the stars grow cold...

Simply Amazing - An Eventective User from Lewiston, NY

When my husband and I began looking for an officiant for our ceremony, we had no idea where to begin. We knew we wanted someone who would focus on love, friendship, and the spirit of the day, rather than religion. So we just started looking around and stumbled upon Yellow Bird. What a lucky and amazing find! Michelle is one of the most sincere people out there, and she understands the weight of what she does, yet treats it with a light and easy manner. She made us comfortable and excited throughout the planning process, rather than overwhelming us with the daunting task of planning the ceremony details. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple, and incorporated a few of the things she learned about us into her ceremony readings. And she did so in such a natural way; nothing felt forced. Michelle comes equipped with plenty of examples of ring exchanges, unity ceremonies, and vows (but was completely open to us writing our own) so that you can choose what best fits your style. She was focused on making our ceremony a completely organic and unique experience, and while we knew some of what would happen, she kept parts of the ceremony a secret until the moment. Because of that you could feel the glow of love in the room, and again, nothing seemed forced or rehearsed (though we did do a rehearsal, which was infinitely helpful in calming our nerves!). Michelle was easily reachable when we had questions or concerns, and she made sure we were taken care of on the wedding day. She brought copies of our vows for us (one less thing to remember on our end!) and they weren't just on scraps - she had typed them up on pretty paper and cut them out in fancy, simple, shapes. I really appreciated that attention to even the smallest detail. Michelle thinks of everything, but most importantly, she thinks of you!

Best Ceremony - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

YellowBird Wedding was exactly what we were looking for... a unique ceremony all about us! Michelle was wonderful. Everyone complimented the ceremony and the officiant 10-6-12 Dave & Nancy

Fantastic Officiant - An Eventective User from Buffalo, New York

Michelle was the most amazing officiant. In my research for an officiant, I was looking for someone who would reflect our life of diversity and Michelle was a perfect fit. The ceremony she put together was so beautiful it made me cry (in a good way!). It was like having a close friend or family member was speaking for us. All of our guest said that the ceremony was perfect. Our special day would not have been the same without Michelle. I highly recommend her services!

An Amazing Day - An Eventective User from Ohio

My husband and I are from Ohio and found Michelle through a Google search. I viewed a few different Web sites, but only Michelle's truly gave me the feeling I was looking for. There was just something about the happiness and love in every photo of her performing a ceremony. Her story of how she became a minister was touching and without judgment she supports all individuals who love and know they are meant for each other. Michelle and I only had contact through email while planning the ceremony, but she was always quick with getting back to me. She truly made my wedding day beautiful and memorable with the words she spoke and the emotion she put into every word. I wouldn't have wanted my ceremony any other way!

Amazingly Lovely - An Eventective User from Brooklyn, NY

Michelle is absolutely fantastic. For many of our friends and family, this was their first gay wedding experience, and in all honesty, there was not a dry eye in the house. People complimented us on how beautiful and heartfelt the ceremony was. A few people even asked how to get in touch with Michelle for when they decide to get married. From the first skype call which Michelle spent over an hour interviewing us, we knew we had made the right decision. The ceremony ended up being an honest and well-versed piece of poetry. It reminded me of why I love the man I married, which is exactly what it was intended to do. I highly recommend the service that Yellowbird provides.

Put our feelings perfectly into words - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

When we started looking for a wedding officiant, we came across Michelle's website and thought she would be a perfect fit for our ceremony. After meeting with her once, we knew we were right! She made us so comfortable and allowed us to really customize the important details of our ceremony. We chose not to see the ceremony ahead of time, and we were so glad we did, it made it that much more exciting and organic. Michelle made us laugh, made us (almost!) cry, and put our feelings into eloquent, thoughtful words that truly expressed the love and happiness of the wedding day. I would definitely recommend Michelle to any bride-to-be that is looking for a professional and heartfelt wedding officiant!

Couldn't have asked for better! - An Eventective User from Western NY

Michelle was awesome. She was very reliable and always quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls. We got SO many compliments on how beautiful our ceremony was, and what a great choice it was to have Michelle as our officiant. I thought that finding such a laid-back, open-minded officiant would be impossible, but we found one with Michelle. Highly recommended!

Best Officiant out there! - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Our minister from YellowBird Wedding was amazing! She was everything we looked for and needed in a wedding officiant. She was helpful, kind, attentive, and the perfect blend of casual and professional. The way she performed our ceremony was just breath-taking. On top of all of that, she was incredibly affordable! I urge you to contact YellowBird Wedding if you want the perfect day!

Amazing! - An Eventective User from Philadelphia

We would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for an officiator! My husband and I live in Philadelphia, but our wedding was on Lake Ontario in New York. We didn’t have an officiator in mind so we searched the internet and found Michelle. After meeting with her, we knew she was absolutely perfect! Michelle helped us plan the ceremony and she wrote in a personal story about how my husband and I met. Not only were we impressed by Michelle, but our family and friends could not say enough good things about her! Many of them asked if Michelle was a good friend of ours because the ceremony was so personal and thoughtful! And others stated that it was the most enjoyable ceremony they had ever attended! Michelle made our special day even more meaningful than we could have imagined!

Fantastic - An Eventective User from Buffalo

Michelle as wonderful and we would recommend her unreservedly. She met with us, created a ceremony which matched our personalities and preferences and was perfect the day of the wedding.

Wonderful Officiant - An Eventective User from North Tonawanda, NY

Michelle is amazing! She took the time with us to get to know us and make sure our big day was everything we'd ever hoped for. She was very patient with us in every aspect, from picking vows, planning the ceremony, and even with our procrastination :) After our ceremony, everyone there commented on her energy, sense of humor, and presence. She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear (outdoor ceremony near water) but not so loud that it sounded like she was yelling. I would highly recommend her, and already have!!

Beautiful from start to finish - An Eventective User from Cheektowaga, NY

Michelle was amazing. We planned our wedding in only two months and she was excited to be a part of our day, even though she had very short notice and had to travel to Williamsville for a 6 am start!! From our initial contact through now, after the wedding, she has been kind, energetic, professional, well spoken, flexible, and easy going. We truly could not have asked for anything more. We asked for our ceremony to be non-denominational, focusing on friendship and our theme of 'a new beginning'. My husband and I absolutely loved the ceremony. It was heartwarming, beautiful and true to our lives and love. Many of our guests took us aside that morning to tell us that Michelle was so well spoken and her words so beautiful; they considered our wedding to one of the nicest they had ever been to.

Everything was ABSOLUTELY perfect <3 - An Eventective User from Hamburg, NY

I knew for my wedding, I did not want to get married by a priest or anyone that would make the ceremony seem more about God than my husband and I. I searched and searched and I found Michelle. Not only was she exactly what I wanted, but she also worked for an amazing price that couldn't be beat. She met with me prior to the ceremony and was very friendly. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and I knew I wanted her to be part of my wedding. She sent me the ceremony (for the most part) prior to the wedding. I was able to read it over and get a feel for it - and although she normally doesn't do rehearsals, she came to mine just to help ease mine and my husband's minds. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I could not have asked for a better officiant. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who actually wants their ceremony to be personalized and be about the two of you and the love you share.

Michelle was wonderful! - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Michelle performed the marriage ceremony for me and my wife and was wonderful! Everyone at my wedding commented on how much they liked Michelle and the ceremony. I highly recommend using her, although I hope not to ever need her services again!

Made our day! - An Eventective User

Michelle made our wedding day so special!! She completely "got" us and was able to make our ceremony so personalized, sweet, relaxed, and beautiful. We don't live in the Buffalo area so Michelle and I exchanged emails to talk about which elements we wanted in our ceremony, which we did not, things about my husband and I and how we met. Even through just email, I felt totally comfortable with Michelle- she was so flexible and open and really there to make our ceremony tailored for us. We had spoken with some other officiants in the area but didn't feel a connection with anyone- most were pretty religious and we were uncomfortable that the ceremony wouldn't reflect us as much as it did the officiant. We were so grateful to find Michelle! I seriously cannot imagine having had someone else marry us! CONTACT HER! ...also she's super affordable, even with travel :)

Personal and professional - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

If you are looking for an officiate that cares as much about your special ceremony as you, look no further! Our wedding done by YellowBird was tailored perfectly to our unique relationship and left not a dry eye in the building. Michelle was extremely professional and caring throughout the entire process and we would recommend her services to anyone and everyone. Shauna & Corey Dils

A personal touch for your big day! - An Eventective User from Buffalo, NY

Michelle is a lovely person, and a wonderful public speaker. If you are looking for someone to set the mood, not just go through the motions consider choosing her to officiate your special day! YellowBird not only customized our ceremony with us, but also put in personal tidbits that had our entire crowd laughing and crying. You will be pleased! Lisa & Phill Freedenberg