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I have performed over 2000 Civil and religious wedding ceremonies in the Buffalo/Rochester area. I have each couple determine the content and length of their ceremony. I am willing to work within every couple's budget. You can set up a meeting free of charge. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR WEDDING OFFICIANT? You will be trusting your wedding officiant with the most important day of your life. An officiant who does not do his job well will be the talk of the reception, and possibly for years to come. Unfortunately many brides choose the cheapest officiant they can find, only to discover they got what they paid for. Here are some things to look for in your officiant: 1. DOES THE OFFICIANT ALLOW THE COUPLE TO DETERMINE THE CONTENT AND LENGTH OF THEIR CEREMONY? Most officiants have a "one-size-fits-all" approach. They do not take into account the couple's background, culture, or desires, etc., for the wedding. I have every couple determine the content and length of their ceremony, and therefore have never had a complaint. You get to customize your own ceremony. 2. WILL THE OFFICIANT BE PRESENT AT THE REHEARSAL? An officiant who is not present at the wedding rehearsal will result in mistakes during your ceremony. I am present at every rehearsal to ensure the bride and groom are very comfortable before their wedding day. 3. DOES THE OFFICIANT HAVE EXPERIENCE PERFORMING CEREMONIES? There are many elements in a rehearsal and wedding ceremony. Unfortunately many people get an ordination certificate online for $25 and are able to perform ceremonies in NY. I am 39 and have performed over 2000 weddings and have a Master's degree. I have performed weddings in every venue in Buffalo. 4. DOES THE OFFICIANT REQUIRE PREMARITAL COUNSELING OR CHURCH MEMBERSHIP? I am a non-denominational minister who provides premarital counseling ONLY IF requested by the couple but do not require it, nor do I require a religious affiliation. 5. IS THE OFFICIANT PERSONABLE AND FLEXIBLE? The officiant will be working with people and needs to be friendly and joyous on such an occasion. Also, most rehearsals and weddings start late for various reasons: guests arrive late, the bridal party is not ready, etc., Sometimes the bride and groom want to make some last minute changes. Unfortunately many officiants are not willing to allow for uncontrollable circumstances. I meet with each couple free of charge at my office so they can get to know me before making such an important decision. I am very outgoing and personable. I am also flexible in working with the couple's wedding budget. 6. WHAT IF THE OFFICIANT GETS SICK OR IS UNABLE TO OFFICIATE THE WEDDING? Unfortuanately, I have been called several times 20-30 minutes before a wedding started because an officiant didn’t show up, sometimes without notice. I have several experienced officiants that I have trained and will perform your ceremony under the same terms and conditions in the event I am unable to be present.
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