L'Art du Jeu

105 rue Perron, Brownsburg-Chatham, QC

About L'Art du Jeu

''L'ART DU JEU'' visits your event or school for a half of a full day of unique easy active and creative fun time for all. Wireless mics, speakers, music, and always enough HockeySacks and HandSacks for all to play with. Their most famous inventions are the ''HandSack'' and the ''HockeySack'' ....Using the back of the hands is their unique concept and invention... showing tricks and games from many angles... Tai-Chi, Hockey and Soccer, Juggling and HackySack (Sébastien is one of the best HackySack player in the world, Pro-Juggler and more!!!)... Only ONE rule...No Palms Allowed! Not even to pick it up! Custom gifts starts at only 3,95$ +tx (minimum of 100 units and 6 weeks turnaround time)
  • Special Features: Promo-Gifts and Entertainement for small or big crowds.