James Weir Floral Co

155 Montague St,, Brooklyn, NY


Made my Wedding Day ! - An Eventective User from New York, NY

James Weir Floral Co did the flowers for my wedding last winter. Not only were the arrangements beautiful, the level of service and attention that James and his staff provided gave me some crucial comfort at a very stressful time. My wedding was planned pretty last minute and the flowers was one of the very last things I planned (1-2 weeks before the wedding), yet James was able to advise me on arrangements, visit the venue with me, and do all the other things florists do in a timely manner so that I had one less thing to stress about. James has a really reassuring, relaxed manner; he was really chill about everything and accepted all my little requests and changes in an ""of course!"" kind of way so that I didn't feel like a bridezilla. What makes the level of their service all the more impressive is one, their competitive prices and two, the small size of my order. Admittedly, I only checked 2 or 3 other places due to lack of time, but FBR's prices were the lowest or among the lowest on every single item. Also, my wedding was really small and our total flower bill came to only $600. Even so, never once did I ever feel pressure to order more flowers, if anything, he encouraged and validated my decision to get less! Our wedding venue had some pretty decorations for the holidays and the staff helped to coordinate our arrangements with the venue's and reiterated several times that I should use the venue's arrangements to their full advantage instead of exclusively decorating with his flowers. Other positives: The multiple deliveries of corsages/boutonnieres and reception arrangements all went smoothly and on time. Our wedding cake was a plain cake from the restaurant/venue and FBR decorated it for free. It was lovely and simple, as was expected since they were doing it as a favor, and done in a way to match our arrangements. I had a niggling concern that since the budget was so low, the flowers would look cheap or sparse, not full, but in fact, everything looked GREAT. One thing I'll say that's not necessarily a plus or minus - Since I left my flowers for the very last of my last-minute wedding planning, I had very little notion of what I wanted to do. James made some suggestions and wasn't pushy at all with his ideas, but given how clueless I was, I probably would've liked him to be a little pushier and opinionated. But given brides usually *do* have an idea of what they want, his style will probably suit most brides. In a few words: When it comes to weddings, the devil is in the details, and every little detail I worried over when it came to the flowers I ended up having my mind put to ease by James Weir Floral Co. Beautiful flowers, professional service, reassuring attention, competitive prices, no strong-arming on anything. And NO HICCUPS whatsoever.