Harvest & Revel

1136 President Street, Brooklyn, NY

About Harvest & Revel

A full service private event catering company redefining celebratory feasting as more nutritious, flavorful, and sustainable. We create rustic, yet elegant dishes that elevate the flavors of the natural ingredients. We make many of our own breads, syrups, pickles, jams, dressings, and cheese. And when we don't, we source from the artisanal producers that we believe are the most talented and ethical of New York. We consciously step away from our culture's industrialized agriculture, over-processing, and fast food- and instead, work with organic and "slow" ingredients from local farms whenever possible. Unlike most other catering companies, Harvest & Revel doesn’t have set menus because we customize every menu that we create, responding to the vision of each client. Directed by this vision, we draw upon the ingredients and flavors being offered by the current season to design a memorable and delicious culinary experience. For adventurous and thoughtful eaters, event producers and party planners who care about taste and well-being, we are the alternative catering company offering well-sourced and creatively cooked food with style as well as ethics and health consciousness. With every detail- we help facilitate refreshingly positive, artful, and satisfying events and meals for all occasions.