Affordable Excellence. Featuring the best quality sound, very nice and professional DJs. VERY Competitive Pricing! We work with the Customer, because Customers always come first. We get there early, setup, and are ready when you are. Member of the American DJ Association, licensed, and insured. We like to play the music people want to hear, all ages. We love requests, and provide a professional performance from the beginning to the. DJ Remixes - we got it. Country, Rock, Funky Ol' Soul - we got it all. Power Up! Let's get this party started, and keep everyone dancing! We find out what the customer's goals are for the event. If they need anything different, we try to accommodate. We may make some recommendations, its definitely a two-way communication process. We like to get to know what they are really looking for in a musical entertainment, and we can be a great facilitator to make sure the whole event runs smoothly from start to finish. Price is dependent on travel distance, number of hours, number of guests, size of room, how many extras (lights, etc) required by the customer. Also, assume most of the time the customer may need an MC to help move things along, so coordination with the customer or the event planner to coordinate themes for the event. Typically weddings are a more involved than parties or corporate events. They require extra upfront planning and coordination. As owner, I have been in music business for decades, playing live bands, writing, arranging, recording, and producing music. I started integrating DJs into our live performances about 5 years ago, and started taking the DJs' overbooked jobs to get started. Since then I've DJ'd many private and corporate parties and events. DJing is much easier! There are not as many "moving parts" as compared to a live band performance, and better opportunity to find tune the performance to give the customer exactly what they are expecting for their entertainment dollars. When hiring an DJ, talk to the DJs. They are all different. All approach DJing as a business of course, but there are many different skill levels and experience levels to choose from. The customer can get exactly what they want. Be specific, write things down. Find a DJ that is simpatico with what they have in mind. Most DJs work for good social media ratings. So make sure you ask for, and then receive what you were expecting.
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 500