Bridgeport Ranch - Barns and Terrace

68 Twin Lakes Road, Bridgeport, CA
Bridgeport Ranch Barns & Terrace is an unique, seasonal, outdoor event center. Located in the heart of the scenic and historic valley of Bridgeport, California, your special even will have the panoramic views of the meadows and Eastern Sierra Mountains. Within an hour drive of Yosemite National Park, and 2 hours of South Lake Tahoe, Bridgeport is easily accessible for you and your guests. The Barns were built in 1891 as part of the settlement of Bridgeport. Today they have been lovingly restored and updated to provide a private upstairs room, while still maintaining a great many original features and antiques. The Terrace, nestled behind the rustic wooden barns, offers our guests a private, smooth stone floor with breathtaking views, which is perfect for weddings and celebrations.