Boise River Bar / Beverage Catering Services

Boise, ID

About Boise River Bar / Beverage Catering Services

Looking for complete, hassle-free, professional catered bar service? Boise River Catering provides tailored beverage catering along with experienced professional bartenders for your event. Unlike many beverage providers, Boise River Catering can set up a full cocktail bar with all the beer, wine and liquor varieties you desire — if you can find it in the store, we can get it. With 20 years of experience in the bar industry, Boise River Catering can help you put on a successful and memorable event, whether we’re serving beer and wine for a small, intimate gathering or a full cocktail bar for a party of hundreds. Now serving: Weddings/Receptions Non-Profit/Fundraising Events Private Parties (in-home or event centers) Concerts Art/Theater Events Birthday Parties Memorial Services Bar Mitzvahs Other Events Boise River Catering is the exclusive beverage provider for the Barber Park Education and Event Center and the preferred beverage provider for the Linen Building Event Center. Call or email us today! *NOT DISPLAYED* *NOT DISPLAYED*