Jane Hammond Events

1975 Yosemite Road, Berkeley, CA

The premier, An Eventective User from Orinda, California

Jane's really nice with weddings. We went through this entire ordeal about choosing a caterer. There were 2 other caterers and they had some attributes but not the great review Jane's catering service gets. I was never disappointed by their catering. She planned out an entire array of food for our wedding successfully and without doubt. And it's incredible how well much they paid attention to detail. One of the guests was a vegetarian and they had a full table for vegetarians. What great lengths they go to. Their meetings to set everything up were also pleasant. I remember being having to go to one of these "caterer meetings" and it was awfully boring. Not here, Jane was very helpful and she definitely knew what I wanted for this wedding. They also had some great ideas which I honestly would have never thought about. They worked hard and created a personalized menu designed for them. Their meals were beautifully prepared and superb. Not a single imperfection in their myriad of salads. And what great lasagna. I absolutely loved the lasagna they served. Not to mention this was all done on a meager budget. The entire budget has gone other things in my wedding but on such a small sum we got the greatest event catering possible. Jane's team tried to make this the least stressful thing ever. They have great people to work with and are a breeze to do business with. If you have a lot of choice in catering, Jane Hammond won't disappoint you.