LIVE Pub Quiz

Belleville, ON

About LIVE Pub Quiz

WHAT IS LPQ? LOOKING FOR AFFORDABLE ENTERTAINMENT TO BRING CUSTOMERS IN EVERY WEEK? LIVE Pub Quiz (LPQ) is a weekly 90 minute or 2 hour Trivia based game show hosted right in YOUR VENUE! FREE to play and weekly PRIZES keep people coming out every week filling YOUR VENUE! and ringing YOUR REGISTER! With over a 94% percent player rate, you can be assured our LIVE interactive show will be a hit at YOUR VENUE! We provide the questions, We provide the equipment and even a LIVE interactive HOST! So get rid of some of that extra promo swag in the storage room and at the same time bring in customers to YOUR VENUE! eating YOUR FOOD! and drinking YOUR BEER! CLICK NOW to host your LPQ Trivia Night TODAY! CALL TODAY *NOT DISPLAYED* © Copyright 2017 – The Original LIVE Pub Quiz