Rave Cravings

365 Skyland dr, Bellbrook, OH

About Rave Cravings

We can work with our customers when they would like an event recorded. If they want a very high end but more expensive video or if they want a cheaper but still very high-quality video. We do recording, editing, and everything in-between. We can deliver photos, final videos with or without soundtracks. We can make videos that are great for promoting and/or showing highlights of events. Here is a description of our company as we also can bring our mascot for entertainment: Based out of Dayton, OH. A group of young people with unique talents and skills got together to create a multi-purpose group in the hopes to entertain others through media, live events and engineered technologies. We enjoy things like festivals, loud music, pretty lights, dancing, and meeting others who also like these things. If you like our content and would like to support us, follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @rave_cravings link on the top of the page!