Riverside Limousines

3154 College Drive, Suite H, Baton Rouge, LA


Personalized Service - An Eventective User from Baton Rouge, LA

My two younger sisters were recently nominated to be on the homecoming court in my hometown city of Baton Rouge. We were unable to find a convertible for them so we decided that a limousine would work just as well. After asking around we had several recommendations for Riverside Limousines and decided to give them a try. The first thing we noticed about the location was that they had many different types of limousines for any kind of occasion. Although we needed only a traditional ride, this could be a real plus for someone who is looking for a different option, like an extended Hummer or even a bus. Also, the attendants worked hard to exude class which made a real difference for us. The fact that everyone was dressed sharply, including the drivers who were on-site helped put our minds at ease about what we would be getting. After explaining to the manager that we would be renting the service for teenage girls, he assured us that we would have complete safety. My two sisters told us that the ride itself was incredible. The driver was very attentive and respectful to everyone and he also stayed very discreet. He was polite, however not overly talkative. His driving was very good and was neither too slow nor two reckless. All in all, it was a great choice according to everyone. The one downside is that the price was slightly higher than many of the other options in the city, but I have always found that you get what you pay for.

Riverside Limousines make the trip as memorable as the destination - An Eventective User from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I have used Riverside Limousines in Baton Rouge on a few different occasions. The most recent one was for the wedding of my daughter. We rented limousines for the bride and groom as well as for the bridal party and also for the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. I have always been pleased with their service and find that they provide immaculately maintained vehicles that add a touch of class to any occasion. Providing limousines for the bridal party as well as for the parents and grandparents was a special gift to them because the drivers for Riverside Limousines are professional in dress and manner yet also have a friendly way about them which helps put everyone at ease. This is certainly appreciated in the midst of such a high stress event as a wedding. They were happy to stock the bride and grooms favorite drinks in the limousine as well as making a special stop along the way to get a few last minute items and turning around to go home to retrieve a forgotten pair of shoes. The drivers were all there early and were gracious in helping us to load everything into the vehicles. They took special care with our elderly relatives to make help feel at ease and to show them the special respect that is due to our family elders. They took all of the craziness of a wedding in stride and this was extremely appreciated. Of course, we will be calling them again for the wedding o our son in the next year.

Riverside Limousines: The Best in Louisiana!! - An Eventective User from Baton Rouge, LA

What drew me to Riverside Limousines was their exclamation that they provided transportation to movie industry people that have surged to Louisiana. I wanted the experience of being treated like a movie star on my special night. They delivered!! The car that pulled up was in incredible condition. It was beautiful, sleek, new, and shiny. The gentleman who opened my door was equally polished from head to toe. For booking online I received a 5% discount, which isn't much, but something always goes a long way.