About Smile Often Events

When considering us to make your events everything you imagine them to be, you are considering a team that lives on doing the things that make them the happiest people alive. We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and we know how to alleviate that feeling so that all steps are enjoyable. All of our clients start with a free consultation. Before the consultation we will speak with you via telephone in order to prepare you for the consultation. We'll ask some basic questions and provide you with what information or items to bring with you. During the consultation we'll go a little more in depth as to what you expect your event to be. After the consultation we'll discuss where to go from there. After the consultation we then take our clients into budget preparation. What kind of budget to set and even how to save for it. We like to prep our clients with this one specific detail because it is the thing that we notice to be the biggest struggle and we are trained and capable of making sure we stick to a budget and also help our clients to create a budget that they can stick to or even save up for. Simple accounting is all it takes to make dreams and expectations attainable. We pride ourselves in providing as many services as possible such as hair styling, catering and much more. With these services being provided through one place, you are able to save even more on your events as compared to outsourcing to several different companies who charge for every single small detail that adds up to a rather large fee for a small amount of time. Being a competitive business also allows us to compare prices with quotes you may have run across. That is alright, we just require that you bring us a hard copy of the quote or pricing. When you provide this quote it must also include all of the business information such as phone, address and name. Also, if the quote is from a one-on-one we would need the name of the associate so that we may verify the quote.