Silverspoon Catering and Events

4343 Dunwoody Park Place, Suite B, Atlanta, GA

About Silverspoon Catering and Events

Specialties SIlverspoon is located in Dunwoody. Offering favorite of Traditional American Soulful food. SIlverspoon is a proven favorite of both locals and visitors to Metro Atlanta. The Catering and Gourmet take out is soaked in tradition, yet offers the modern assurance of quality. Silverspoon Serves up great tasting traditional American food, at inexpensive prices. The Chicken Marsala, Collard Greens, Steamed Rice, Mac N Cheese, Southern Cornbread, & Yummy Peach Cobbler is a must! An inexpensive way to serve a party, without scrimping on taste, is with a couple of their party trays. Perfect for vegetarians and/or lovers of Traditional American food. Everything is artfully prepared and is as pleasing to the eye as is to the palate. Silverspoon offers catering services to all occasions, whether you are planning a lunch or dinner meeting training session or seminar, office party or social reception. Silverspoon opens daily 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. Mon - Sat for Gourmet take out/catering. History Established in 2005 Silverspoon Catering has been in the family business for over 50 years. We brought many skills and talents from food service experience, wedding planning, and event coordination. We are excited to use all of this experience and knowledge to help those we serve. We invite others to have a wonderful experience and enjoyable time in using our professional services. Silverspoon name originated from the ancestry of the Roberson Family. As a great heritage, we wanted to carry on a legacy of strength, humility, power, and greatness.The business has a history of experience that has it's roots connected to many food service businesses. It first started in Waycross, Ga and then moved to New York as "Roberson's Soulfood Take Out", . The family has now expanded out in Jacksonville Fla & Woodstock, Ga to create services throughout all areas. What a great legacy for us to carry on, and hope that we can make the services that we offer mean something to you and your legacy for all your catering needs.