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You will receive more complete coverage of your wedding day, than from any other video company! We don't just give you a 3-10 minute Highlights video as many videographers are doing these days. This is your investment, and our couples are thrilled to receive so many more priceless moments and memories captured for a lifetime... All our beautiful, well-framed footage, professionally edited and produced with attention to detail, for your DVD or Blu-ray disks with custom chapter/menu choices. While we do offer the option for raw footage and a highlights video; consider being able to relive so much more of your wedding day. You will simply love watching your wedding videos, over and over again, sharing your special day with family and friends. You choose our start time for however many hours of coverage you want... all day or certain parts of your wedding day. Our turnaround time is 2 - 4 weeks. EXAMPLES OF FILMING AND DVD/BLU-RAY PRODUCTION: * The first chapter of your wedding videos opens with a photo montage set to music: stills created mainly of your decor details, which we document. *PRE-CEREMONY CHAPTER: Coverage of wedding parties preparing for your ceremony; candid shots of guest arriving; coverage of any pre-ceremony photography sessions... original recorded audio * Your entire CEREMONY as a chapter choice... we use a wireless lapel mic for clear audio * FORMALS CHAPTER: I create a touching, candid video sequence of your photography formals; set to music of your choice. * RECEPTION CHAPTER: Your reception footage covers all the highlights, toasts, and many candid shots of guests and dancing... all with original audio; no music insert. * HIGHLIGHTS: If you want to include a highlights video, set to music of your choice, this would be another DVD chapter choice.
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$1,650 Per Event
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A Mother of The Bride, Videography123 from Atlanta, Georgia

Joseph, Mike and I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous video of Molly and Rich's wedding. We just received a copy last week from the kids and watched it. It was awesome!! It just is amazing the sound quality, the pictures you have, the transitions and the action we didn't even remember happening. The slow motion highlights are just so memorable. How you can be in so many places at once is amazing! We never even knew you were there, but the video sure shows you were and everywhere! Rick's sister is being married in March and she has asked us for your name and info, so hopefully we will see you then. We could not have found a more wonderful videographer. You can call us any time as a reference. You are undoubtedly the VERY BEST!!!! Thanks again, Emily Shea

WELCOME and THANKS for taking an interest in Mobile Video and Photography. We have over 25 years of expertise and are an extremely talented group of professional artists who have come together with the same passion to tell your wedding story with a fine art twist! We would love to meet and learn more about your most sacred day and would be happy to customize any of our packages so that it's exactly what you are hoping for! We have some very affordable packages this season! Truly our greatest reward is to take that very moment when two people promise to love each other forever and make that moment eternal. Your photography will include candid, formal, classic and photojournalist images with cinematic flair. Also our personal favorite documentary style photography! We look forward to the entire experience of working together! We truly love what we do – we are here to capture the natural beauty and true spirit of your wedding day while letting you have the time of your life. * We can customize any package for you * We have the highest quality at an affordable price * We offer payment plans if needed * You own all rights to reprint So please take a moment and visit our website. We would love to hear from you - please feel free to call us anytime!