Industrial Rhythm, are a New York City-based dance and percussion troupe that delivers the excitement and energy of Off-Broadway hits like "Bring In Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk", "Stomp", Blast, and "Blue Man Group", with their original, high-energy music and choreography. Their full-length shows and interstitial business meeting segments create memorable experiences for audiences at business meetings and corporate events. The troupe usually composed of 3 men and 3 women from various ethnic backgrounds (they can perform in smaller or larger configurations) make music using such everyday objects as pill bottles, traffic cones, computer keyboards, Tic Tac boxes, trash cans, brooms and briefcases. Using drumsticks, The Street Beats Group also play on staging and sets and items found in the audience. They have created a number of novel, hi-tech percussion instruments which are used in their performances. In addition to their standard numbers, The Street Beats Group also perform several audience-interactive numbers, (planting props under the seats of the audience) egg shakers, drumsticks, wood blocks ,etc allowing for collaboration with individual executives or the entire audience CREDITS: Industrial Rhythm have performed for such companies as Royal Bank of Scottland, D'Agostino Markets, Lucent Technologies, Pfizer, Sears, Adidas , NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Food & Wine Magazine, Novo Nordisk, Nike, Sherwin Williams, Pepsi, Cisco Systems, E-Z-GO, RBRC, and AT&T among many others.