5 Things That Make Your Website Difficult for Mobile Users

5 Things That Make Your Website Difficult for Mobile Users

Posted by phertlein, on 12/14/2012, in category Vendors


Eventective estimates that about 25-30% of the nearly 1 million visitors to Eventective.com monthly are browsing the site with their mobile phone or tablet.  Is your site optimized for mobile viewing?  Let’s discuss the 5 things you need to address on your website to ensure you are not losing 30% (and more each day) of web viewers.

Adobe Flash – Flash-based websites are beautiful when fully rendered on a computer, but less than half the mobile devices in use today can display the technology.  Furthermore, Flash is no longer supported by Android, iOS (Apple) and Blackberry devices, which means, any Flash content you have on your site is useless to your mobile users.  HTML5 is the standard technology and therefore the best solution for displaying your website in mobile browsers.

Large Images – Photos are essential for almost any website, especially in the event business.  However, large images are not effective for mobile users.  They can be difficult to see and navigate when the image is larger than the screen.  Large files can take a long time to download and cost the user money on depending on their data plan.  It’s best to limit your images to thumbnails that the user can expand if desired, and to keep file sizes to no more than 20KB.

PDF Files – Similar to large images, PDF files also create a challenge for mobile users.  PDF files typically require bi-directional scrolling to read on a mobile device.  It’s very difficult to read a document when you have to move the page back and forth as well as up and down.  There are mobile PDF readers that wrap the text for you, but you cannot assume that your visitors will have this reader loaded on their phone.  It is best to have your menu or pricing information in HTML format for easy reading on mobile devices.

Hidden Pricing – A good (full) website should be designed to engage your consumer.  It tells each visitor all about your business in great detail allowing them to drill down for the information that they want to find.  The mobile user is not interested in drilling down, they want all the pertinent information right at hand.  Hiding pricing information on subsequent pages is counter-productive.  Post your prices right on your main page.

No Call to Action – The goal of any website, full or mobile, should be to connect your customers with you.  If your site is simply an advertisement with no way for the customer to contact you, it does no good.  Make it simple for the user to contact you.  Post your phone number clearly and use click-to-call functionality that instantly connects their mobile phone to your business.  Post your location and integrate it with the mapping application on their device. 

In general, for mobile users, less is more.   Be sure to put the most important information, like your logo and contact information, at the top of the page.  Organize your layout in a single column so that users only scroll in one direction.  And get right to the point, make it easy for the user to contact you or find your location.  Link to your full website for those who want to explore more.

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User Comments
Posted by
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 11:51 AM
As usual Eventective has come through with great tips to help us grow our businesses. The timing on the "put your prices on the home page" is kinda funny because we moved ours there from a separate page just that 2 days ago. Our thinking is give them everything they want on one page and use all of the other pages for SEO help. We put our package chart right near the top so they can answer the "how much" question quickly!  We have a link at the top of all of our pages that says "go straight to pricing" that takes them right to the home page. For the people that have called us without seeing our site we can quickly direct them to our packages on the home page, help them pick the perfect one for their celebration, and close the deal. Check out our site at http://www.abetterdj.net
Posted by
Friday, December 28, 2012 11:04 AM
Good stuff, but I've had problems related to one suggestion.  In the first 4 years I posted my client list, and repeats started to dwindle.  Enquiries showed that competitors were mining my list and then both undercutting and bad-mouthing me and my service.  Satisfied clients reported this to me, others went for cheap.  I always have a ready answer to the "how much" question, but am in direct contact with the potential client when we talk money.  I deal with it early in order to not waste their time.
Posted by
Friday, December 28, 2012 5:28 PM
This is wonderful advice that I never would have thought of!  Am sending it to our web designer now so that they can adjust our website accordingly to fit with mobiles.  Thanks!
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