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Arroyo Hondo, NM
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If you are looking for someone to truly honor you as a couple, and whether yours is a large wedding ceremony at a resort, or an elopement at the base of the slopes in Taos Ski Valley, I would love to celebrate your joyful union! As a Universal Life Church minister, I am fortunate to officiate for sacred unions of all kinds. I work closely with couples to create special and unique marriage ceremonies that reflect your unique relationship, your style, your beliefs and your commitment to each other. Perhaps you have been married for one year or fifty years and wish to have a Renewal of Vows Ceremony. Or, you may choose to have a Commitment Ceremony as a celebration of your love. Regardless of your gender and faith, I am happy to bless all unions in Love. I am committed to working with you to make this any celebration a time with friends and family - or just the two of you. With nine years’ experience performing wedding ceremonies, both large and small, I offer original ceremonies, and welcome your changes as well as the opportunity to create something brand new with you. I have worked with couples of different faiths, cultures and traditions to integrate both the bride’s and groom’s personalities and traditions into something unique and personal. am a Universal Life Church minister and honor all faiths and paths. I was raised Methodist, am also a member of the Unity Church, and have explored Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. I’ve always found nature to be my cathedral, and am blessed to preside over such important rituals as marriage. After recovering from a near-death coma, I appreciate more than ever the beauty and miracle of love. I’ve lived most of the past 20 years in northern New Mexico, and have lived near Taos, NM since 2003. Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, I received a B.S. with Honors and M.A. at Oklahoma State University and have worked in Austin, Texas; Lexington, Kentucky; and Santa Fe, New Mexico in a variety of fields. My best advice is to plan well, and then let go of expectations for a “perfect” wedding and marriage. Relax and be present to the magic and spontaneity of the moment. The sun may shine, the wind may blow, and the rain may come followed by a rainbow during your wedding and reception – I’ve seen it all! The weather is a great leveler, and reminds us that while we do not control life’s circumstances, we can choose our response. Set your lives together with clarity of intention, then roll with life and “weather” it well!
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