Slight Of Hand Images Photography

Annapolis, MD

About Slight Of Hand Images Photography

Thank you for your interest! I'm a creative photographer, videographer, artist and professional Magical entertainer. On this site you can also find me under Jack Julius, or The Magical World's Of Jack Julius. You can hire me to also entertain at your event and do photography! We can meet and I will be happy to show you my work, or you can see some of it here. I will have a few more photos loaded up soon. Don't just have someone take photographs, have some "capture" those special moments, like movies frozen in time. Artistic and creative and different! I do all kinds of photography from weddings, events, special occasions to model and portrait photography. I can also have a very special book created showcasing your special memories and moments. This is a hardbound book with up to 80 glossy paged and a special boxed sleep to encase it in. ( I can show a sample). I can also create a DVD slide show to look like a movie video, or combine video and photos together to create that special home movie of collected memories. Call me to find out more, or email me.