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About Thisday Photography

About Us Paula & Michael Feltner Wedding Photographers We have been full-time wedding photographers for over eight years. We are continually inspired by our peers in the industry. They push us to be more creative and think outside the box. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to do what we love. When we shoot weddings, we combine the traditional with the modern. We work as a team for weddings, so while Paula is capturing portraits, Michael is working to capture those candid moments. ?Our Approach. ?It's all about YOU! Your photographs should be beautiful, your images should take you back, and allow you to not only remember how your wedding looked, but how it felt! ? ?Weddings can be full of activities. We are committed to lowering the stress level of the day, not adding too it. ? We will document all the small details, and the moments that make your day unique to you as a couple. In your engagement session we are all about getting to know you as a couple and your being comfortable with us and our cameras on your wedding day. So on your big day, you can feel free to celebrate your love with your family and friends.