About DJ MisterSpin

The Bay Area's deejay of choice. Since 1992 MisterSpin has consistently provided fun and memorable times for every event at which he's entertained! I gain as much knowledge about you, your guests and your event as possible so I can customize my program to meet your needs. For every event I have a thorough questionnaire that I will complete to ensure your total satisfaction. I will coordinate with you and all other participants before and during your event to guarantee proper timing of all elements. Of course, all events will have a spontaneous element and I am highly skilled at "going with the flow." I welcome requests and am adept at "reading the crowd." The number one comment I hear about deejays is that "they played one kind of music all night long!" I want to let you know that I play all kinds of music as many events will have members from different generations and I believe in including everyone in the fun. I am very skilled at emceeing, announcing, hosting awards ceremonies and such. If appropriate to the event, I get out and mingle with the guests, find out what they want to hear and then I play it! If the mood is right, I interact with the guests on the dance floor to keep the energy alive with a wide variety of interactive activities or dances! I take a pro-active role in the coordination of an event from the planning stages directly up to and including the event. I involve myself 100% with all parties concerned from the client to the event planner to food and beverage, photographers, etc. The reason I do this is to secure the timing of all the proceedings of your party go off without a hitch.