Gavin Hooper "The Fun Hypnotist"

It's the Ultimate in clean corporate comedy hypnosis shows. Gavin Hooper is an incredible entertainer, who has the talent and experience to make your event really come to life with Energy and Laughter. So don't settle for just any hypnosis show. Get Gavin Hooper, and engage in an Ultimate Experience! Everyone wants to be included, but not everyone wants to volunteer to be hypnotized, and Gavin understands that, yet he will get your entire team, group or workforce excited, and very much involved and having fun. If this sounds like a good idea and you feel that allowing everyone to be included will add value to your event say YES!! Everyone will remember this event, and for all the right reasons. Gavin's shows are interactive for people on and off stage, This is definitely not your average hypnosis show. Rates: Gavin Hooper is a Professional with years of experience and training, rates can vary but typically range from $1800 to $5000 depending on several factors, such as time of year, location, equipment required, etc. / travel expenses may be extra, and will be determined on a show by show basis. It's certainly worth a call. Gavin Hooper has performed his unique brand of hypnotic shows in more than 20 countries around the world. Book Hooper, The Fun Hypnotist for your events today. Gavin is an amazing hypnotic showman and a fast thinking comedian, who finds humor in every situation on and off stage. He invites audiences to open their imaginations and become the Stars of the show. Gavin is a truly unique force in the world of hypnosis and is one of the most requested entertainers around today. Hooper allows everyone who wants to experience the incredible state of hypnosis for fun and enjoyment to do so. Come on up, kick start your imagination- get rid of stress and negativity though hypnosis and laughter. (truly the best medicine) ...well in most cases lol. I will travel anywhere in the world to entertain,excite and help people to truly enjoy life. Looking forward to meeting you, until then Live with Passion!
Package Pricing


$1,800 - $5,000 Per Event
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