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invitations4uinvitations4uPosts: 19 July 17, 2010
In honor of invitation of elegance website relaunch we are giving away a deluxe luxury pocketfold invitation suite to one lucky couple. We will be doing these give-aways once every quarter. For details view our blog at

We have bargain luxury suites and diy kits for the crafty and frugal brides out there as well!

I would love to hear from all of you brides out there as to what inspired your wedding colors/theme and what you would like to see from us stationery designers.
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 18, 2010
I am doing a beach theme wedding. I would like to see diy save the date magnets. Our colors are ocean blue and lavendar.
bunnyfishy99bunnyfishy99Posts: 4 July 20, 2010
I would love some more vineyard themes (royal & elegant). Color choices that you can actually choose & put your colors together on all levels of stationary. We have unique colors and so hard to find them together
invitations4uinvitations4uPosts: 19 July 21, 2010
Thank you both for your great input! @sbarnhart1974 as for the diy magnets would you be looking for larger sizes or the standard 3.5 x 2 business card size. we have larger size ones available on our website. (not diy) but on our re-launch we will take your input and get diy magnets up!

@bunnyfishy99 that is a great suggestion, and we are working to input a build and buy section for our relaunch where you will be able to view our color swatches on the actual invitation. We will be working on some vineyard themes as per your suggestion! Just a quick question, what are your unique colors? I may be able to take some pictures of your stocks together and post them up!
bagge514720bagge514720Posts: 21 September 11, 2010
I am looking for nice elegant looking but that doesn't a horrible amount. I am looking for something that goes with our summer theme and the colors light blue (davids bridal capri color) and a regency (also davids bridal)
annie522120annie522120Posts: 1 September 16, 2010
I let my finace pick our colors. he wanted to be a part of the planning, so I turned that part over to him. He picked apple red, black and silver

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