Just looking for cheap but classy not tacky wedding favours any ideas Messages in this topic - RSS

Just looking for cheap but classy not tacky wedding favours any ideas Messages in this topic - RSS

ChubbaNibblesChubbaNibblesPosts: 2 July 13, 2010
I am way ahead of myself right now as we are still a long way from walking down the isle but seeing as my first wedding was a disaster I want the second wedding (new groom) to be a hit.I would love to recieve ideas for cheap $10 each or less wedding favours.So if you have any ideas please share I am sure I am not the only person out there wanting a wedding on a budget thanks everyone and good luck with the upcoming weddings.
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 14, 2010
Candy Buffes are allthe rage now, I want one but they can be too expensve unless you know where to shop. We are on a 500 dollar budget so we are doing small favor boxes with dollar store candy, bubbles and some cool light up rings that were a hit at mt bridal shower,
Guest July 14, 2010
Candles are good keepers.
http://www.orientaltrading.com http://favorplease.theaspenshops.com
Best wishes!
Wendy, Wedding Officiant at Our Simple Ceremony
Guest July 14, 2010
I am a wedding planner and I suggest to all my brides to choose a favor that you can eat or use after the wedding. Chocolate wedding favors are great. My company hand make them stating at $1.35 each.
Best Wishes,
Social Graces Inc.
KhonceptsKhonceptsPosts: 4 July 14, 2010
Hi, I'm a wedding videographer and have seen some beautiful tables without favors. Once you have the table settings, the flowers, table number sign and the guest themselves, you really don't notice there aren't any favors.
Congratulations and enjoy your special day!
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 14, 2010
hi mommyof morrisson

these are my fav picks on wedding favors. you will be delighted with the results no matter what you choose. i do recommend ordering 8 weeks before your wedding day to be sure you really like the favor, and you can always contact them and pay for just a few samples.




Keep in mind, you should incorporate a favor that would match your overall theme, i.e., if you are having, let's say, a "white diamond" wedding, then you should order something with crystal. If you are doing a "fall wedding" - then something more organic. For beach, perhaps a wine stopper or other goodie with sea shells. If you want to be very classic, I would go with crystal coasters, a heart shaped wine stopper, or a small bottle of liquor or champagne from your local liquor supplier. You can't miss with any of these. I would only use a candy favor if you are not offering a whole bunch of desserts (other than wedding cake) for your reception. But these are nice too, if you want something more practical. You may also want to think about organic type gifts, such as seeds/seedlings to plant flowers, small plants or cactus. You may instead want to donate money to your favorite charity, say World Wildlife Federation, in which case I'd get some cute, cheap animal figurine with a note card stating "in support of WWF to help save the animals on our planet, we are donating money in your name." You can log on to orientaltrading.com and do a search for "animals" and come up with a host of cute, cheap and nice items.

Good luck! For your designing or photography needs, do contact me.

All the best!
caphoto1caphoto1Posts: 3 July 15, 2010
As a Photographer who releases your CD to you , I think NIce little 4x6s of your engagement photos in a nice $ Tree frame ...6 or 8 per table is a nice gigt your kinfolks and friends will charish about a $1.24 ea. Constance.
caphoto1caphoto1Posts: 3 July 15, 2010
Sorry gift not gigt....Connie
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 18, 2010
Look at dollar stores as well as oriental trading magazine. I am doing party favors for everyone. Our wedding is for the summer. And I have even found places on line that are cheaper as well.
lokielokiePosts: 2 July 19, 2010
Another idea to throw in:

My son and future daughter in law are having the reception in a barn. We ordered egg shakers at eggshakerworld.com for $1.50 each. We are going to do the printing on them ourself but they also can also do printing on them, even your own artwork. They would be great for any type of reception, not just a barn one. We thought they would be good for the people who don't or can't dance to shake along with the music so everyone can get involved. They are a musical insterment and have a great sound.
MajesticDesignsMajesticDesignsPosts: 30 July 20, 2010
Hi. I'm a stationer and I recommend you keep it simple but don't leave out a small thank you to your guests. In the end, the favor is for them. Having a favor that is edible is the best idea I think. You could do a CD with your favorite love songs. There are tons of cute favor boxes out there that are real inexpensive. You could do the engagement photo idea in a nice handmade thank you card as a gift. If you'd like, I'm willing to work with you to make your event all you dream of and more. Feel free to contact me.

Majestic Designs
QuinnPhotoTampaQuinnPhotoTampaPosts: 8 July 21, 2010
$10 each for favors outta get you something nice. Are you have any type of theme?

I thought of a great idea for beach weddings to give out personalized water, umbrellas or flip flops.

You can get this stuff from promo product companies and since you are buying in bulk. I believe you can meet your price point. Good Luck.
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 July 21, 2010
My absolute favorite wedding favor is when the bride and groom put the place seating cards in a small picture frame I can take with me. I then print a picture of the couple with me at their wedding to put in it. I have a small collection around my desk. Every time I see a picture, I remember the special day. Small picture frames like this are lovely without breaking the bank. And there are so many kinds to choose from it is easy to incorporate them into a theme.

Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
FlowerknifeFlowerknifePosts: 5 July 25, 2010
I had a ribbon printed with our names and wedding date on them. I tied them around a single long stemmed rose and laid them in a basket. My groom and I walk around the room and thank each person for coming and gave every woman one of the roses. It was a huge hit and gave us the opportunity to speak to everyone and thank them personally for coming.
chris483746chris483746Posts: 1 July 26, 2010
Thank you Christel! What an awesome idea or a wedding favor, a CD! Love it!! : )
MajesticDesignsMajesticDesignsPosts: 30 July 29, 2010
You are welcome Chrissy274life. Guys, feel free to pick my brain and if you need help making your favors, just contact me. I have a lot of ideas and can make them very inexpensively.
gregw188194gregw188194Posts: 1 July 30, 2010
Bring your Event to Life

A photo booth with on-site printing allows your wedding guests to have fun by having a professional photo taken to take home with them. It is an affordable wedding favour and something your guests will always remember!

All the best,
Jody & Greg
Guest July 30, 2010
Hello there. I am an event planner out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I have made relationships with many - many - many favor companies (local and abroad). One of my favorites is very affordable (starting at under $3.00 each plus shipping). And, ironically, it happens to be one of the favors the guests seem to like the best - they ALWAYS get taken and people call me for "where can I get another one?"
I have access to a private, specialty/custom, candle maker who will make 100% soy (with cotton wick). She will match any color (just send me a swatch) and she has about a hundred scents (including wedding cake scented candles). They are 1 oz each up to 16 oz each. The smallest ones come in an octagon glass candle with a gold lid and a -old label. She will put your names and wedding date on the label. I take these and wrap them in tool tulle - with a little bow. You could do the same if you wanted or you could get organza bags if you wish it to be easier. You could even place them without being wrapped as they are pretty....just simple.
If you want me to make the connection for you, call my mobile at 317-490-7894 (Suz). Or you can visit my website at www.studiobrides.com and email me. Either way, if this idea does not strike your fancy, let me know and I will share with you some other product vendors we have used in the past. Maybe we can find you something perfect. Atrocious
As always, I will not charge you for this assistance as it is my agreement with the website to not charge for advice. The only fee you would have is for the favors/shipping you select. Hope to hear from you soon.
ScottRothEventsScottRothEventsPosts: 4 July 30, 2010
We can provide great table favors in the form of Photo Booth strips in acrylic frames as part of our Wedding Model pack
Mona6Mona6Posts: 6 July 31, 2010
Is the $10 each wedding favor include the shipping cost too? You would have a problem finding your perfect wedding favors.

For some ideas you may feel free to view my portfolio for edible and non-edible wedding favors.

Good Luck & BEST WISHES!
Guest July 31, 2010
website for "info" above is www.monaschocolates.com
Guest July 31, 2010
If you have some time on your hands then this is a great favor. Go to thift stores or garage sales and pick up tea cups with saucers, take them home and wash them, pack them away until closer to the day, go to a local nursery and purchase small plants or fresh flowers and place them into the cups, lay them out onto the entrance table or place by each seating. You can pick up the tea cups for little as 5 cents each at garage sales and the flowers can easily even picked from wild flowers costing you nothing.
Good Luck and Congrates
patti295585patti295585Posts: 3 July 31, 2010
mommyofmorrisson wrote:
I am way ahead of myself right now as we are still a long way from walking down the isle but seeing as my first wedding was a disaster I want the second wedding (new groom) to be a hit.I would love to recieve ideas for cheap $10 each or less wedding favours.So if you have any ideas please share I am sure I am not the only person out there wanting a wedding on a budget thanks everyone and good luck with the upcoming weddings.
patti295585patti295585Posts: 3 July 31, 2010
I have seen very beautiful book markers done.. you can put the verse you choose, your names and the date then tie the top with a ribbon of your colors.. they can actually use it as a book mark or keep it someplace special.
patti295585patti295585Posts: 3 July 31, 2010
I do many beach weddings and have seen the couple buy seashells and write the names and date on them.. hot glue ribbon in your colors and it is a ornament... Beautiful, simple, inexpensive and special.
Guest July 31, 2010
Why don't you eliminate them and just make a donation to your favorite charity?
divin476110divin476110Posts: 1 August 6, 2010
clear boxes with the color of your wedding tied aroun it with maybe wedding mints or chocolate or something inside
mkjpollmkjpollPosts: 3 August 6, 2010
We have a glass coaster that you can put your picture and a thank you in it. The guests can change the picture or keep yours in it as a nice little memory. Put them under their water glasses on the table so when they pick up their glass it will be a nice little suprise. We customize them for you...you just email us a jpeg and wedding info and we do all the work. They are $2.00 plus shipping. mkjpoll@aol.com www.thecandleexperience.net
moder513145moder513145Posts: 1 September 4, 2010
Hi there. I have some great wedding favors for as low as .89/pc!
Celia267624Celia267624Posts: 23 September 7, 2010
Why do you think you need them? You've invited your guests to a great dinner, with music, flowers and maybe some champagne. That is plenty. The next best is to donate to a great charity. Step away from the coasters, frames and candles....
Guest January 27, 2011
Check out www.photoboothframes.com for some inexpensive favors. I bought some frames for Table placements and used them to invite guest to use the photo booth we rented. Worked out well.
dcdes612344dcdes612344Posts: 2 January 27, 2011
Hello, I am also a wedding planner, I have used this in the past, with small peat moss containers wich are very inexpensive plant a bulb or a perenial flower, that matches your theme,( colors) attach a scroll you can make yourself, tie it with a ribbon that also matches your theme, & you'll have a favor that will grow from year to year, and your quests will think of you every year when it blooms. Best of Luck with your Wedding.
Darlene, Designing Weddings & More www.designingweddingsandmore.webs.com
Guest February 3, 2011
Lottery tickets are my favorite!

Christie Niq Williams
Niq Williams Event Management LLC
ELEAN620839ELEAN620839Posts: 1 February 13, 2011
Hi there - Eleanor Leinen here! I am a mixed - media artist/ designer and owner of UNIQUELY GIFTED ART. I frequently appear on national and regional TV and in magazines to give advise about creating party related items. In addition, I developed curiculum for professonal and aspiring event planners about creating party favors and goodie bags. In my opinion, creative and memorable hand-crafted party favors, if executed well, are always cherished and kept! I have reviewed many of the comments here and I see that a few suggest edibles. Respectfully,I disagree. I believe that wedding favors should be savored by your guests for a s long as possible and stand as a reminder of a special "shared experience." In saying that, I believe that great favors are usually ones that have functional benefits, and are designed to reflect the esthetics of the bride & groom, color scheme and theme of your nuptials. In addition, if you can provide a singular item with a variety of patterns you will also satisfy the varying styles of your guests. Lastly, be careful of inexpensive items that look great but are poorly made. I recently recieved a wine stopper favor that feel apart the first time I used it. All I thought of was "Wow, what a waste of the couples hard earned money!"

Your budget of $10.00 seems to me more than adequate and will provide you with lots of options. If you should still remain undecieded about your favors I invite you to visit the UNIQUELY GIFTED ART listing on EVENTECTIVE. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the sampling of our offerings. Also - feel free to visit my website's press, bio and services pages at -- WWW.UNIQUELYGIFTEDART.COM

In any event, enjoy the planning of your wedding and I wish you both - love and many, many blessings!

Eleanor J. Leinen
rooft626589rooft626589Posts: 1 February 14, 2011
I ordered small tins, made my own round stickers, bought small flower pots at the dollar store (3 for $1) and ordered seeds. We filled the tins with seeds used tulle in the pots and it was a beautiful favor! I could get the pricing for you and give you a quote to do it for you or I'd be happy to give you the info and you could do it yourself!
Guest February 14, 2011
Like others have posted $10 per favor should yield you a lot of options. You should think about your favor based on preference and then narrow down to price range. There are so many options out there and this process can get overwhelming. DIY will always keep your price down. This can be as simple as a hand written card, to ordering a complete favor kit and putting it together. It can also be as time consuming as some of the DIY tips on my site such as making your own candles. Another way to keep the price down is not have favors that match. You can find great deals where there may only be a limited supply of the same color, print or shape. Try to stay consistent but not matchy matchy. A good example of this is to make teacup candles. You can go to thrift stores and garage sales while you are planning the wedding and get some exquisite finds for cheap. Donations to a charity are also good. You can donate what you would like and then let everyone know that a donation was made in their name. Check out some more ideas at:
www.weddingcandledecor.com and
Guest April 24, 2012
when my sister and mom got married i made the favors.All I did was take plastic spoons put two hershey kisses on each and wrapped in clear plastic and attached a note that read. A spoonful of love
And a spoonful of kisses
From Jane and Joe
The new Mr. and Mrs.

Very cute and cheap to make
Sandr489071Sandr489071Posts: 22 May 1, 2012
ChubbaNibbles wrote:
I am way ahead of myself right now as we are still a long way from walking down the isle but seeing as my first wedding was a disaster I want the second wedding (new groom) to be a hit.I would love to recieve ideas for cheap $10 each or less wedding favours.So if you have any ideas please share I am sure I am not the only person out there wanting a wedding on a budget thanks everyone and good luck with the upcoming weddings.

Go to http://www.yourweddinggirl.com. We have beautiful and elegant favors to fit every budget and theme. We offer personalized favors such as wine glasses as low as $2.85 each. Look at our Top Favors and gifts page http://www.yourweddinggirl.com/top10favors.html. You can also use place cards as favors. The guest can take them home after the wedding and use them in their home. They can use it as a picture holder, note holder,etc. http://www.yourweddinggirl.com/cardholder.html Hope this helps.

jens3869423jens3869423Posts: 1 May 2, 2012
My wedding was at Christmas and we made ornaments with our colors in the ribbons and wrote our names and wedding date on them. They were a hit. Also, for my sister's wedding a number of years ago, I ordered magnets from Ebay that were fairly inexpensive. Her theme was calla lillies, so the magnets had a calla lilly, their names and wedding date and a cute little saying they loved. I still have one on the fridge.
alesi870492alesi870492Posts: 1 May 3, 2012
My daughter just got married at the courthouse yesterday. I purchased a box of small wedding bells (24 count) for only $3. The bell includes a small card that has a reading on it about Joy and love and ties to attach the cards .(at Walmart in the wedding section. You can sometimes quite a few wedding items on the clearence isles in most suberbian walmarts. Veils ar $12 and Tiars r $6 just married signs $2.50.
Shea007Shea007Posts: 5 May 10, 2012
I'm getting married this July and we needed a pop of red on out tables. So I came up with the idea of buying some really inexpensive bottles of wine and wrapping them in red wraps or even red wine bags. Hope this helps
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 May 15, 2012
Shea007 wrote:
buying some really inexpensive bottles of wine and wrapping them in red wraps or even red wine bags. Hope this helps

Hi Shea,

Sound's good. It will help's you alot. Go through this.

Enjoy ur precious day. smile
regin888144regin888144Posts: 3 June 4, 2012
We do sweet buffets for events that are under $400 which usually includes an assortment of cupcakes, cake shooters and cake pops, candy, and other desserts. You can visit my pinterest page http://pinterest.com/pweweddings/ and see some pics. Something else that is popular with our clients are the bride and groom boxes of candy. We make candy in flavors and colors the bride likes and put two pieces in each box and decorate them with ribbon and small favor roses, even little beads and they look great on the table. For 100 people this can be less than $300. The guests love them.
Guest February 20, 2013
I recommend adding a personal touch to your wedding by giving <a href="http://www.customtobacco.com">customized</a> cigars.
aweav1012834aweav1012834Posts: 1 March 6, 2013
Make a donation in your wedding guests' honor to a charity that means something special to you or your family! At each place seating, have a little card...the size of a menu card....explaining that a donation to the *charity of your choice* was done in honor of *something meaningful*. That's a cute way to hit two birds with one stone!!

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