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karen472910karen472910Posts: 3 Oxford, PA July 11, 2010
My family and i need help to find a venue/hall for my party. We are gonna have a quinceanera (sweet 15) & it is gonna be in november. please help us out!
Oxford, PA
Guest July 11, 2010
Dear Karenstar12,
My special is quinceaneras and sweet 16s. i can help with a location, theme, color, style and know all of the christian significance of this special occasion. first of all, where are you located?

call me and we can discuss the details.

All the best and I look forward to speaking with you!
Lise' Ramos
liseramos@msn.com (put "sweet 16" in subject line)
worthy1907worthy1907Posts: 3 July 12, 2010
Available to help in Charlotte, NC. Please contact us.
MemoiresofMineMemoiresofMinePosts: 4 July 12, 2010
karenstar12 wrote:
My family and i need help to find a venue/hall for my party. We are gonna have a quinceanera (sweet 15) & it is gonna be in november. please help us out!

Hello..!! I would like to first say, "Congratulations..!!"
Where are you holding your event?
Email us and let us know if we can help you.
Guest October 29, 2010
Hey all!! I just had my sweet 15 and it was so beautiful. I went to www.myquincemusic.com for my entrance music and they have beautiful sweet 15 and sweet 16 music. Both english and spanish!! I choose the song tu quinceanera as my entrance song and actually had people tearing in the audience. Good Luck on your events!! smile
Guest March 23, 2011
hi my name is jessica jimenez i really need help to find a hall fo my quinceanera and its gonna be in november in this year please help me
munoz653988munoz653988Posts: 1 March 23, 2011
i need a place to hold mine also & it will in august so please help!
Guest March 24, 2011
I need a banquet hall to celebrate my daughter sweet 15. please to help me to find one.
ices2655357ices2655357Posts: 1 March 26, 2011
I need help finding a venue for a reasonable price in orlando fl, for my daughters sweet 15. please help. I have something now that is a bit pricey.
+1 link
Guest March 26, 2011
i really need a hall for my quinceneara as well please help
ladri656423ladri656423Posts: 1 March 28, 2011
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and need a reasonably priced hall for my daughter's Quinceanera to be held, Sat. Sept 3, 2011. thank you.
jamie656899jamie656899Posts: 1 March 28, 2011
you might want to hold it on a sunday (providing monday is a holiday) then you can rent out a night club.
Guest March 29, 2011
hey my family and i are planning to have my 15era in july, and we still need help on finding a hall for it. i stay in corona plz. get bakc at me.
Guest March 29, 2011
i need a cake for my daughter cinconeria pls help
Guest March 29, 2011
what is good for a cincoñera is for the top tier of the cake to be the barbie with the dress made out of cake and for the rest of the tiers to be cupcakes
baker667026baker667026Posts: 1 April 13, 2011
i also need help to fina a place for my sweetsixteen it will be in january
Guest April 18, 2011
necsito un salon de actividades para mi quinceanero 2012
Guest April 18, 2011
i need the banquet center activity for my 15 birthday in july 2012
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 April 21, 2011
If you want a response to your ads, please include the following information:

* City and State
* Date of Event
* Email address
* Name

No one will help you without contact information.
baby97baby97Posts: 1 April 22, 2011
i need help finding a place for my Quinceanera too it'll be in july of next year(2012)
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 April 22, 2011
CapicuLove1 states "no one will help you without contact information." I believe that history shows that some of us will try to help you as best as we can with whatever information you do provide. However, the more information you provide, the more likely we are to be able to help you. When you do not provide any information about place (city, state or province) or budget or your interests there is really very little that we can do to help you. I do not believe that CapicuLove1 is correct when s/he states that no one will help you without contact information.

Dr Ronald G. Shapiro
Education by Entertainment
Guest April 25, 2011
My familyy is throwing my sister a quinceanera and we need a hall to do it in . We aree trying to get a hall in lomita blv. & narbon . or enywhere around here . can you pleasee help us get a numberr for one of the halls ?
Guest January 9, 2012
Guest January 13, 2012
My family and i need help to find a venue/hall for my party. We are gonna have a quinceanera (sweet 15) & it is gonna be in may. please help us out!i an from Arkansas email meh at lupe.cruz1213@yahoo.com thanks
JadeO790025JadeO790025Posts: 7 January 14, 2012
This seems to be an ongoing forum, that many can't find help for their Quinceanera. If you are in the NYC & Long Island area JadeOwl Event Consults & Management may be of assistance. We have done many before, and are having a special offer that is posted here on Eventective for Sweet 16/15 happening SPRING 2012. Don't wait last minute for this very special moment in a daughter's life. Give me a call 314.626.3383, Ask for Aisha Reeves
Guest January 14, 2012
hello i need to find a hall for my sweet 15.my party will be on june 23 or 24 i live cleveland ohio my mother is willing to pay 500 or less..thnk u
Guest January 14, 2012
Hello i need to find a hall for my 15 . Im having it in september 22 or later . But i want one in Long Beach ! Please help me asap ! And i want it 200-250 people and my uncles are willing to pay 5,000 or less !
Guest January 20, 2012
where would be a good place to have your 15 if you live in sioux city iowa?
JadeO790025JadeO790025Posts: 7 February 2, 2012
Hey my name is Aisha Reeves, I'm Special Events Coordinator & Owner of JadeOwl Events Consult & Management. It's great that you are planing early for an event of this magnitude. When you say you are in Long Beach is that NY or CA? If you would like you can give a call at 314.262.3383

We can discuss your exciting plans for your birthday and what you may have lined up.
Guest February 2, 2012
This new website (www.iQuinceanera.com) has a lot of very good tips, coupons, reviews, events and vendor information specialized in Quinceaneras.
Guest February 25, 2012
Hi (Quuinceanera that lives in Mt. Vernon and Sedro Area),

There are affordable venues in Bellingham for your Quinceanera, email me and I can send you some links.

If youare still in need of a dresses or any of the other important accesories stop by Sueno Celebrations in Bellingham and we can put together a package just for you.


Sueno Celebrations,

Olvma837737Olvma837737Posts: 1 March 12, 2012
Hi I live in palm desert, CA and I'm having a quincenera on 6/8/13 and I need a good cheap place where i can have it at and I also need a theme. Please help
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 March 12, 2012
Hello guest,
For the quiencero sweet15 party,You can take Calamigos Ranch as an option because it will fulfill all your requirements and serve you with the finest food,photography,lighting,Dj and dance floor.Its has a natural environment.
Guest September 25, 2012
located in Reston, VA and looking for a place for my sisters quinceanera on 5/04/13!! Perfer a cheap place and big. Also help with a theme. Please help
Guest September 25, 2012
Email me at anadmartinez503@gmail.com located in reston, VA. ^
Guest October 16, 2012
Guest October 16, 2012
hi can anyone help me find a website that helps you find place for a quince/sweet 16? a website will help alot. my sweet 16 is in april and i need to find a location NOW!!! help me! i live in allentown pa
JannyJannyPosts: 8 October 18, 2012
Where you live?
And where you want hall?
According to that I tell you venue..
Guest October 18, 2012
hi necesito un planeador de 15 para mi hija ke este aki en el condado de orange en california
LB199LB199Posts: 1 October 24, 2012
We are looking for a hall to have my daughter Quince/sweet 15 party in Saddle Rock in Aurora co we have less then a year to look please help us find a good location and a dress for her to. PLEASE HELP!!!
calin962781calin962781Posts: 1 October 25, 2012
Good afternoon everyone,
I need help!!!!!! This will be my first time having a BIG party, my daughter is turning 15, So we need to get ready to have a Quinsenera this is similiar to (sweet 16.. I need everything... We live in Calhoun GA.. HELP!!! Party will be 06/15/2013
aarcl963099aarcl963099Posts: 1 October 25, 2012
Hi, i need help finding a hall/venue for a Quniceañera in Modesto Ca.
dalia963574dalia963574Posts: 1 October 27, 2012
Hi, i need a hall/venue for my sisters sweet 15 (Quinceanera) in March 16, 2013 my email is daliacastillo92@yahoo.com for 200-350 guest.. thanks in advance... I live in the hilliard area... thank you.
info963668info963668Posts: 2 October 27, 2012
I have read through so many of the posts and see that many who are planning Quince parties are looking for decoration help. Styroscript.com is the leader in hard to find custom cut styrofoam letters and names that will help personalize your party. You can decorate, paint and glitter or Styroscript.com can to it for you!
Guest May 18, 2013
I need to find a place to celebrate my daughter's quinceanera in either Matthews, charlotte or the university city area in NC. For about 200 peple
Guest July 15, 2013
Hi I need to find a really good place not to expensive to celebrate my daughter's 15 birthday in June 2014...
Hyattsville, MD
Day2RememberEventsDay2RememberEventsPosts: 4 July 24, 2013
I am a party planner if you live in Connecticut and need a professional to help plan your Quinceaneara. Contact Jan at Day to Remember Events, llc
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 July 24, 2013
All those who are looking for venues, hotels are the best place to start, as they encompass several vendors that might be needed. However, if hotels are out of the questions look into country clubs and banquet halls, large restaurants might be a great location as well.

Unique SIGnature Events
AllAg932183AllAg932183Posts: 4 July 26, 2013
If you are looking for a hall that can handled up to 200 people, and want the party in Bridgeport, CT, Please give me a call 203-744-9406. We can help.
AllAg932183AllAg932183Posts: 4 July 26, 2013
karenstar12 wrote:
My family and i need help to find a venue/hall for my party. We are gonna have a quinceanera (sweet 15) & it is gonna be in november. please help us out!
Oxford, PA

I am in Naugatuck. Please contact me directly 203-744-9406 or AllAgeFun [at] gmail.com

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