Need big space!! Messages in this topic - RSS

Need big space!! Messages in this topic - RSS

faust460189faust460189Posts: 3 June 21, 2010
Having a huge wedding in Lansing, MI, about 400 or 500 people and I need a reception venue that is affordable! Any ideas!?!?
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 June 22, 2010
Have you searched the internet? I can recommend a couple of places in NY.
faust460189faust460189Posts: 3 June 22, 2010
Well unfortunately I'm in Michigan, but thanks for the thought!
ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 June 23, 2010
Check with Parks and Rec... they usually have inexpensive indoor rentals that already have tables and chairs!

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