Attempting to have a wedding on a tight budget.... Messages in this topic - RSS

Attempting to have a wedding on a tight budget.... Messages in this topic - RSS

MoniandtonoweddingMoniandtonoweddingPosts: 1 Atlanta, GA January 30, 2014
Me and my fiance are looking to have a wedding in the Atlanta area (or surrounding, maybe an hour out.) We're looking to accommodate 200 guest but we have a budget of no more than $8,000. That's for everything including Venue, Food, DJ, Photographer, and we would like a bar too. (We're willing to bring our own alcohol.). Is this possible or is this kind of dream, if anyone can give us any ideas that would be awesome.
SBSEventsSBSEventsPosts: 8 January 31, 2014
Congratulations on your engagement! I would love to discuss some ideas with you. I am a certified wedding and event planner recently based in Valdosta, Ga, but most of my professional experience is from The Glamorously competitive New York's wedding and special events industry. I do however have contacts in the Atlanta and would love to Assist you if I could get more information I would be happy to send you some sample quotes. I specialize in creating spectacular events on a budget, so I can talk to you about some ideas (even if you aren't looking to hire a wedding planner I am sure you will want one after our call). Feel free to email me or call me at your convenience, and I would be happy to speak with you! I could also lend my services for helping plan, setup/breakdown and coordinate the event so that you can just enjoy your wedding on the day of if you decide to have some extra help!

Best Wishes,

of S.B.S Events
maineventmaineventPosts: 4 Atlanta, GA February 13, 2014

Please visit We are a full service Event Venue offering unlimited services to complete your special day. With an experienced production crew, we can fulfill your event need and within budget. Please call me with any questions, Cyndi 770-601-2743. Thank you!
mtphotographymtphotographyPosts: 3 February 19, 2014
Hi! If you are looking for a quality budget photographer, then please check me out!

Best Wishes on your marriage!

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