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accen396235accen396235Posts: 4 May 15, 2010
What target market of people hire Event Planners? Do everyday people hire event planners or do they try to plan and decorate themselves?
Guest May 15, 2010
From what I've seen most everyday people try to do it them selves. Or get the hotel or event sales person do it for them.
RemedyRemedyPosts: 2 May 15, 2010
We perform for many parties and private engagements and work with and without event/wedding planners. We see planners typically at relatively high-end engagements (>$30,000.00) per event. This can vary based on certain conditions -- i.e. company or family is from out of town, there are a large number of attendees, multiple entertainment is planned etc.... Generally, the more complex and timed an event, the more valuable a planner will be to the hosts. We hope this helps you in planning your event! All the best - Pat Bush, Manager, Remedy
itsabridalthingitsabridalthingPosts: 1 May 15, 2010
Hiring event planners to plan parties is beneficial to the host because the host is the event planner's priority along with their ultimate, vision, budget and goal. They have been hired and share common interest becaue they have been asked to complete a specific service while working along side with the host over time. In some cases, event planners from the actual venues are performing their day to day roles without "customizing or creativity" because they represent the venue.
landmark2010landmark2010Posts: 6 May 15, 2010
Depends...are the hosts planning a "party" or an "event"?

Hosts planning parties wouldn't necessarily hire coordinators or planners as they are usually on a modest budget and in most cases they CAN do most of the work and entertain at the same time, whereas an EVENT would take more expertise and knowledge to orchestrate and “should” include a planner/designer or coordinator in their budget. So the question should be phrased as…Hiring Event Planners to plan EVENTS…

cwcasheventscwcasheventsPosts: 1 May 18, 2010
i usually get hired to plan parties i mean you could hire someone because you can learn alot and an event planner will know exactly what to do im open for it my charge prices is very affordable for the business and people im bringing in hit me up if your interested @ cashmerewalker@gmail.com
Guest June 5, 2010
Planners are no longer for the rich. A planner / coordinator is there to work with you and relieve the stress of planning / coordinating. Most people work, have families and so many other activities they don't have the time to plan a party / event. An event / party is a celebration for someone you care about it's memory that you should be a part of not spending the entire time running around to make sure everything and everybody is taken care of so even just a day of coordinator can be an assest. I am a planner / coordinator and I have hosted parties / events.

Jenira's Event Planning
kimbe448567kimbe448567Posts: 4 June 13, 2010
This answer to the question is exactly why I went into the business. You can do it all yourself with the help of your family and friends, who by the way may or may not be there when you need them, after all you must be grouchy since you are reminding them to do what they promised to do. Problem one - friends and family mean well, but we all know how that can go. You will feel comfortable telling me, no I do not like that, but not want to hurt your friends feelings. Next you are running around crazy trying to find things, but them, get them there, set them up, have them served, break them down, return them and have a good time. Sounds fun??? You may save a few dollars, however a good planner will probably save you in the long run if you hire a good one. Good luck. Kimberly, YOUR way by kimberly
PinkPartyGirlPinkPartyGirlPosts: 6 June 17, 2010
For those that think they can do it ALL by themselves, I've got news for you....You must be SuperWoman! If you want to be a hostess, then you really need a planner. If you are a planner that doesn't plan to 'host' then it may be doable. All in all, a party planner, event coordinator, and wedding planner are there to SERVE YOU for a reason!
So you can relax and enjoy the event, and be rest assured that everything is under control.
I have created small cocktail parties for good friends, large wedding receptions outdoors, as well as non-profit events for 300. Big or small, the purpose remains the same. To handle the details, allowing the host to enjoy. If the host is too busy worrying about having enough ice or mixers for the bar, he won't even get to BE at the bar having fun with friends!
Whatever you choose, it should be a great time for all!

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