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tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 May 10, 2010
It is absolutely not a scam. It is real and is helping both planners and businesses. This article addresses some Eventective misconceptions, talks about how Eventective does business and provides testimonials from Eventective users.
info364401info364401Posts: 1 May 11, 2010
I can't get a refund? I can't find where...i've bought 2 leads and they haven't panned out.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 12, 2010
Thank you for your purchase. Here is our Refund Policy.

Our refund policy does not guarantee that you will book the leads.

Please contact us at or call us at 207.253.1653 and we can walk you thru the refund process. You must be signed-in to request a refund in the My Leads window.
waterdocwaterdocPosts: 1 June 17, 2010
I have not purchased that many leads; however, I am not getting any response or even an acknowledgment ... is this pretty typical ... unless they are really interested in the type of service offered ... i.e. are they just tire kicking?
tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 June 17, 2010
Internet lead purchases can be a numbers game, but Eventective does take some of the risk out of it with our refund policy. It often takes purchasing 20 or more leads to get a sense of the market and the response to your emails. You can read feedback from clients who have used Eventective and benefitted from the leads here.

Many planners are in the beginning stages of planning their events and may not respond to vendors right away because they are trying to finalize other details such as the venue. We encourage vendors to follow-up with planners numerous times and show the value they can offer including referring them to venues and other service vendors they partner with and providing tips and advice for event planning. One of our clients created an education series about optimizing your lead buying experience that may be helpful to you.

We can also offer you several tips for setting lead filters, reviewing leads for the best fit and suggesting a process for responding to leads to maximize success. Please do not hesitate email us at with any questions.
bouzi126248bouzi126248Posts: 1 June 28, 2010
I purchased close to $100 in leads and no one even responded!?I request a credit of my cash instead I get credit points to purchase new leads.They didn't respond either and can't get credit anymore!!Is this a scam?
tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 June 29, 2010
You can review our refund policy here. As stated in earlier posts, internet leads can be a numbers game. Because many planners come to Eventective early in their planning process, they are looking to finalize a venue before they book other services. This puts you in the unique position of being able to offer value to the planner with event ideas, recommendations for other vendors, etc. and become a trusted resource that helps influence their purchases. If you have questions or want tips for setting lead filters, reviewing leads or establishing a process for following up with leads, please email us at
Guest June 29, 2010
Is there a phone number for this company "Eventtective"?
tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 June 29, 2010
If you have questions about Eventective, you can reach our client service team by email or by phone 207-253-1653.
Guest July 8, 2010
How can I get the site to STOP EMAILING me? Help!!!!
tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 July 8, 2010
If you would like to stop receiving leads and emails from Eventective, please send us an email at with the name of your business.
Guest August 31, 2010
I have purchased some leads off of here and have gotten plenty of responses and quite a few shows. Perhaps you people are pricing too high.
tmichaelhtmichaelhPosts: 1 September 6, 2010
As a photography professional, I have found Eventective a very useful tool. Having booked a couple Quinceaneras as a result.
Guest October 16, 2010
ReeDunImaginationReeDunImaginationPosts: 6 November 25, 2010
For some time now I have been purchasing and requesting for REFUND...then repurchasing. I finally got a hit. I have used several internet sale leads....and actually I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE. There is NO where I can go purchase leads....if they don't work...repurchase another lead. I LOVE IT! However, as was mentioned its a number game, but they all are. It takes some work, and when YOU get JUST one hit...its all more worth it. Keep them coming.
GregoreeGregoreePosts: 1 January 9, 2011
Most of the leads I purchase are ignored when I respond (probably 95%). Just had one who gave a price range and when I responded with an offer at the low end of their range they informed me that my service is "cost prohibitive" and they have changed their mind! Since they fooled me into thinking that I was paying for something that I had no chance of getting I should receive a refund. I'll try using the refund system for this one.
Guest January 10, 2011
Gregoree, unfortunately, if they even LOOK at your bid, you are not going to get a refund. I have not had any bookings thru Eventective at all, and my services as a solo musician begin in the $200 range. My theory is that with the advent of the internet, consumers are rabidly searching for the lowest price, instead of value; they are not educated about what a professional musician is (and I can't educate them in my bid, it has to be learned throughout their childhood), they want the appearance of luxury, not the Real Deal. So they go online, get the surface effect, buying the cheapest in each category, and think they've gotten a good deal. I wish there were a way to wake up these consumers, but, again, with the Internet, 99.9% of consumers are simply filtering for the lowest prices. The internet is not helping my music business---personal referrals are. To that end, I am reducing my online advertising budget significantly. It's just not worth it.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 10, 2011
Thank you for your feedback. You may request a refund for leads with an invalid email address or phone number or for those that have not responded to you and show no planner activity by the 12th day after the lead purchase date. All refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of the lead purchase date. Our refund policy can be reviewed here.

Many brides and party planners have not planned large events in the past so any advice and tips you give can help educate them, show the value you offer and influence their purchases. You can read feedback from clients who have used Eventective and benefitted from the leads here and view an education series one of our clients created with suggestions for responding to leads.

If you have any questions, please contact our client service team at 207.253.1653 or We look forward to hearing from you.
Guest January 21, 2011
I have been getting leads from eventective for some time. Then I saw the scam page and decided to check it out. I went to the web site and could not find my business listed anywhere that it should be. In fact I couldn't find it anywhere.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 22, 2011
Please email us at with your business name and location and we can help you with your listing.
gnort623284gnort623284Posts: 1 February 9, 2011
Im trying to delete my account and dont know how and it wont let me.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 February 9, 2011
To remove your listing, sign-in at with your screen name and password. Select the 'Listings' icon at the top of the page. If you have multiple listings, locate your listing in the 'My Listings' window and click the blue 'Edit Listing' link. In the Listing window, click the blue 'Remove this Listing' link to remove your listing from Eventective. If you have any questions, please contact us at
susanhelgesonphotosusanhelgesonphotoPosts: 1 February 10, 2011
I have bought at least 12 leads and haven't had any even return an email.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 February 10, 2011
Hi Susan - Thank you for your feedback. Internet leads are often a numbers game and it is not uncommon for providers to purchase 20 or more leads before receiving a response. You can read more about the Golden Rules of Lead Buying and Lead Economics on our website. And be sure to request refunds for non-responses. If you have questions or want tips for setting lead filters, reviewing leads or establishing a process for following up with leads, please email client support at and we will be happy to assist you.
Guest July 12, 2011
I was sent what seemed to be a promising lead. So I paid for it. I called and left a message for the person. A few days later I received a "not interested" message directly from eventective. Seems strange to me. Why should eventective be involved once I've purchased and received contact info? I want to conduct my own business and not make eventective my agent subsequent to the lead.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 July 13, 2011
Thank you for your feedback. The "Not Interested" message you received was from the planner. The planner can login to their Eventective account and respond directly to venues and vendors who have contacted them as well as indicate if they are "Interested" or "Not Interested" in their services. You can see an example of a planner's My Events screen here. If you have any questions, please contact us at
BuddyMBuddyMPosts: 2 September 15, 2011
Just to be fair, I have booked events via this site and have had no problems with the clients that I have worked via eventective. I do get some duplicate quote requests, but that does happen on some other sites too.
Buddy Mooneyhan - Tampa Florida
Brodi588936Brodi588936Posts: 1 September 22, 2011
I think that it is an issue that refunds are only eligible within 30 days of purchase. This seems a bit contrary to what Eventective or at least the administrator is saying here:

"Many planners are in the beginning stages of planning their events and may not respond to vendors right away because they are trying to finalize other details such as the venue. We encourage vendors to follow-up with planners numerous times."

How many times should we follow up between the 12-30 day point? I say 12 because We can not request a no activity refund until the 12th day. I currently have several leads that I have contacted via internet and Phone on numerous occasions with zero response. I have attempted to request refunds, however, apparently this is not an option outside of thirty days of purchase. How do I know that these leads are even legit? I trust Eventective. I believe that these leads are accurate and I also know that Eventective wants to keep their customers happy and coming back. Eventective I think that you need to review this policy and realize that it is not exactly realistic. How can I be refunded for these leads at this point?

Thank you!
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 September 23, 2011
Hi Brodie - Thank you for your comments. Our client service team will contact you to discuss further. You may also contact us at or 207-253-1653.
djsephdjsephPosts: 1 January 1, 2012
susanhelgesonphoto wrote:
I have bought at least 12 leads and haven't had any even return an email.

Don't buy them. You will end up spending a lot for no gigs. This is a scam as far as I can tell. Eventective should tell you when a prospective client requested info directly from you. But if a prospective client selects Allow other DJs in the area to respond to my request you will get the request meant for someone else and probably will not get a reply.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 2, 2012
Eventective is not a scam. As stated earlier in this discussion, purchasing internet leads is often a numbers game and you may need to purchase more than 25 leads before you start receiving responses and generating business. You can read more about that here. You also need to follow-up with the client multiple times and show them the value you can offer for their event. Eventective also offers a generous refund policy so if you are not taking advantage of this, you should as it takes out much of the risk of purchasing leads.

Eventective does tell you when a prospective client reviews your listing and wants to contact you directly. This free direct lead is a referral that is sent to you with all the planner's contact information and event details so you can follow-up with them.

You may also want to consider promoting packages on your listing as many planners to our website are price shopping and want to know what services are going to cost.

This article also provides more information about what to expect when you purchase internet leads. If you have questions, please contact us at
bowle129603bowle129603Posts: 4 January 27, 2012
I have gone a full year without booking an event. I purchase many leads but get no responses. Not sure if they are just looking for venues with DJ's supplied or not. Is anyone else having any luck at all on Eventective? Answer most ads, follow up usually two days later and then at the end of 12 days, get my refund. Would be happier with business than refunds. Would like to hear your feed back!
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 27, 2012
Thank you for your feedback. You may want to watch an educational series one of our DJ clients recorded that discusses his experience responding to leads and provides some useful tips. Many people use our site to do their own research and contact vendors directly so make sure your listing description promotes your services and the value you offer to entice planners to contact you. A recent survey of visitors to our site found that 70% are looking for sample packages and pricing. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote DJ packages on your listing. Please contact our client service team at if you have other questions.
esthe806240esthe806240Posts: 1 January 27, 2012
How do u delete or edit events you are planning? I can't find a way to change it!
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 30, 2012
You can cancel an event in the 'My Events' window. Please sign-in at with your screen name and password to cancel your request in the 'My Events' window.

A message will display on the right indicating that the event has been deleted at your request. If you have questions, please contact us at
kelly811717kelly811717Posts: 1 February 13, 2012
I have yet to receive even one lead. Seems like this might be a scam?
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 February 13, 2012
Eventective is a real company. You can learn more about us in this article. Eventective has over one million visitors a month who are planning events of all types. You will attract more visitors to your listing if your listing is up to date with a description of your event spaces and/or services, many photos of events you have done, customer recommendations and event packages with pricing. If you are interested in purchasing competitive leads in the Pay-per-Lead program, you may participate in that with your courtesy listing. We also have cost effective advertising opportunities to increase your visibility on the site, so more planners see your business. Our client service team would be happy to discuss your listing with you and offer suggestions. Please contact us at
gail.845538gail.845538Posts: 1 May 23, 2012
I am a Bride, getting marrried this summer.I was in a terrible position when my venue backed out on me 134 days before our wedding and our Save the Dates had been mailed, as well as other details paid for already. Thanks to Eventective I got a beautiful venue the very next day. I thought I was looking for the impossible trying to get a venue for 150 people for summer 2012 on March 25/12. I couldn't be happier...I even got a more beautiful venue than our original plans. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVENTECTIVE, YOU WERE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. BLESS YOU!
Guest May 30, 2012
Our club is listed (unsolicited by us) and we have gotten a number of inquiries. However, information about us is
quite WRONG, and also shows our former website, not our current one, though our web address is still the same.
How do we correct the misinformation?
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 31, 2012
The information on your listing can be updated by signing into your account. If you need access to your account, please contact us at or 207.253.1653.
djpau312956djpau312956Posts: 13 August 27, 2012
DJ's should be excluded from this site, It doesn't work and now you want me to join another part of the program just to get a refund.. What a joke
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 August 27, 2012
Eventective has been a successful site for many event businesses, including DJs. You can read about some of their experiences here. Since over 98% of our visitors do not submit an event request that becomes a lead, the Annual Subscription is an excellent way to get in front of that vast audience that is doing their own research and contacting event businesses directly. By offering lead refunds only to Eventective Subscribers, we lower your cost as a lead buyer with lead discounts and increase the value of your listing with increased exposure on Eventective at the Enhanced and Premium levels. Additionally the new refund policy increases the value of Eventective to our visitors by providing your contact information on your listing and, at the Premium level, in an automated response to event requests. If you have questions or would like help choosing the best subscription level for your business, please contact us at
Guest August 30, 2012
What would help me decide to spend more money with your leads, is seeing actual Eventective gigs, booked, to people that I know in my city. I don't need to know the amount of $. Just LMK that someone I know, and I know a lot of the string players in my town, I want to know that they got their money's worth out of Eventective. I've paid for dozens of leads with my $$ and time, and not one booked.....
tfreedxxxtfreedxxxModeratorPosts: 16 September 4, 2012
You can read experiences event businesses have had with advertising and purchasing leads from Eventective here. If you know vendors in your area who have used Eventective, I would suggest you contact them and ask them about their experiences. You will also want to ensure your listing is updated with photos, event packages with pricing information and descriptive text about your services. You may also contact us at and we can offer ideas for increasing your event revenue from Eventective.
Selwy907169Selwy907169Posts: 1 September 9, 2012
In the messaging block, it says use our messaging service to see if and when a client reads and responds to your email. How do I see this information? I cannot find any place on the website to find this. I spoke to customer service on the phone and the lady was nice, but I told her and am saying it here, this is the WORST website when it comes to usability.... Anyway, how do I check and see if my messages were opened?
cherylzcherylzPosts: 1 September 9, 2012
OK please use me as a guinea pig. I can see that if I spend $150, I will receive $500 plus 30% free leads, which for me are $2.50 each. That comes to 266 leads. If I actually get 266 leads in a year thru Eventective, I would need to book 3 events to break even. Should we track this together? On the fourth event from you, I will be making a profit. LMK if you want to do this, with me, and show the results to everyone.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 September 10, 2012
Selwyn wrote:
In the messaging block, it says use our messaging service to see if and when a client reads and responds to your email. How do I see this information? I cannot find any place on the website to find this. I spoke to customer service on the phone and the lady was nice, but I told her and am saying it here, this is the WORST website when it comes to usability.... Anyway, how do I check and see if my messages were opened?

When a client opens the message that you sent through Eventective, you will receive an email from us that the message has been opened. You can also go to the Messages menu option when you are signed in to your account and next to the message you sent, the envelope icon will be an opened envelope and that alerts you that the message was opened. The lead details for the lead you responded to will also state if the message has been read by the client. If you have other questions, please contact us at or view our Frequently Asked Questions.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 September 10, 2012
Hi Cheryl – Thank you for your feedback. The Pay-Per-Lead Program is just one way you can use Eventective to increase your event revenue. Only 2% of the 1 million monthly visitors to our site complete an event request that turns into a lead. Because they are internet leads, there is a high non-response rate and the Pay-Per-Lead Program requires an effort to sell your services. Many of our clients that successfully book business from Eventective do so because they are selective in the leads they purchase and persistent in their follow-up. You can set your lead filters to help match your leads to your business.

Because only 2% of our traffic turns into a lead, there are many ways you can reach the rest of our audience with other features we offer. 70% of Eventective users are searching the web to find out what they can expect to spend on services for their events. Adding packages with pricing information saves you and the prospective customer time and effort because they have an idea of your rates upfront. Updating your listing with good photos and customer recommendations helps you better market your services and capture the planner’s attention.

Because your courtesy listing only displays in your city, you are not reaching prospective customers who are looking for your type of services in other cities in your area that you are willing to travel to. Upgrading your listing to our Pay-Per-Click Advertising Program or an Enhanced or Premium Annual Subscription increases the value of your listing with increased exposure on Eventective. Please contact us at 207-253-1653 or if you have questions.
frank186653frank186653Posts: 1 January 25, 2013
I corroborate all of the negative entries above. This site does not filter the leads that the vendor pays for. The result is bogus leads, many if not all with wrong phone numbers. When I asked the Eventective representative to have all leads verified before they are sold, the answer in so many words was that they will not take the time and are happy selling bogus leads. Any company with integrity makes sure that the product it sells is worthy of the price being asked. In this company the "product" goes to the vendor with no quality control and it is a "good by and good luck" attitude that follows form customer "service."
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 25, 2013
Eventective is happy to take the time with clients who contact us. Our client service group can be contacted at or 207-253-1653.

Eventective leads are from people planning events who have completed an event request on our site. We have limited control over the nature of the person who is planning their event, how serious they are, or how responsive they may be. Many of our visitors are in the very early stages of their event planning process. They may have very little idea what they are actually looking for when it comes to services and quality of service for their event, so it may be difficult to pin them down for many of the details that vendors are looking for. As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for our vendors to educate and help the people for whom they have purchased a lead.

When you buy a lead the planner is given a link to your listing. If your listing is not updated with photos, recommendations and event packages with pricing information they may have little to no incentive to contact you because there is no information marketing your services on your listing.

Buying internet leads is a numbers game. You may have to purchase 25 or more before you book business. Upgrading your listing to one of our subscriptions gives you leads discounts and refunds. Our Basic Subscription often pays for itself with the lead discounts and refunds you receive plus you receive the benefits of advertising.

We would be more than happy to speak with you further about the frustrations you are having with leads and offer suggestions for improving your listing and responding to leads. Please feel free to contact us.

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