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Kristy77Kristy77Posts: 1 July 12, 2010
Hi Im planning a big college party in Chesapeake, Va or any surrounding city around...I'm fine on all the elements to the party except for a building to accomodate a large number of people, if u could help please help. Thanx!
luv2c473515luv2c473515Posts: 3 July 12, 2010
My name is Imani. I want a perfect sweet 16 to accomodate 250 of my friends or more.
Guest July 12, 2010
hey posters we would love to help but you have to say city and state or its REALLY HARD
luv2c473515luv2c473515Posts: 3 July 12, 2010
Upper Marlboro,Maryland.!
Guest July 12, 2010
hey there luv2cheer4wise! My name is Sandra I am currently planning 2 sweet 16's in your area. check out myteenbirthdaybash . com or email me at sandramcguckin@comcast.net or call me at 610 564 9525
luv2c473515luv2c473515Posts: 3 July 12, 2010
I want to have my party August 14. But the only problem is I dont have a venue
karen472910karen472910Posts: 3 July 12, 2010
hi again.. my qinceanera(sweet 15)...i would like to have it somewhere near oxford, Pennsylvania. a near by place would be in Wilmington, DE. can anyone help me to find a hall or venue near there?
Guest July 12, 2010
karen give me a call 610.564.9525 I can help....
Guest July 12, 2010
Hello. I'm planning my Sweet 16 which is in late September. I could really use some help...If there is anyone in the Phoenix area I would greatly appreciate it.
Guest July 14, 2010
Hi Keira please contact me I am an event planner and can give you a Super Sweet 16 with any budget I will even include live entertainment at no cost. My name is Zakiya richplanning@gmail.com
Guest July 14, 2010
I am looking for a place for a Sweet16 party in Chattanooga Tn I am a single mom and would like to hava a party for my daughter at a very reasonable price that is nice does anyone know of anything in this area a dj would also be nice that is affordable
Guest July 15, 2010
Hello, we have a website at weddingsuppliesunlimited.com and we sell birthday accessories for sweet 15 and 16th birthday parties go to our site under birthday accessories. We only sell quality merchandise. If you have any questions please call us at 401-692-2500.
dayda476948dayda476948Posts: 2 July 16, 2010
hey, i am having a sweet sixteen next year since i wasn't able to get a quinceanera this year...CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! i want it under a $4,000 budget! i am from CA PLEASE HELP! smile
dayda476948dayda476948Posts: 2 July 16, 2010
oh by the way....can someone hit me up with a good planner? or at least a location? i want it around the city i live in...anaheim
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
siranuse wrote:
Anyone had experience or know anyone who has thrown an elegant Sweet 16.
Arabic/Spanish motiff, big enough to accomodate 125 people and Cheap! under $4 thousand and hopefully in or near New Rochelle, NY

Hopefully, you have not had your party. I know of the perfect place (I'm in NYC and am familiar with New Rochelle). Check out Don Coqui. It's menu is that of puerto rico/noveau cuisine - so it's elegant with a latino flair. the views are beautiful, depending on what room you choose, and the service is very good. they have what they call a "cooking party" or you can do a great sit down or buffet. For your budget, I think a day affair (brunch buffet with dancing) would work and you could just order a select few wines, beer and soda. They should have an in-house dj for dancing, and the decor is simple, lovely with ivory canvas window treatments, wood and interesting arctitecture.

Alison Orlando
Event Planner

If you need photography, let me know. I'm doing a 50% off my package deal for sweet 16s till the end of this year.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
karenstar12 wrote:
hi again.. my qinceanera(sweet 15)...i would like to have it somewhere near oxford, Pennsylvania. a near by place would be in Wilmington, DE. can anyone help me to find a hall or venue near there?

Hi Karen star -
I specialize in quinceaneras, so do email me on my private email with the following:
* date
*number of guests
*day or evening event/buffet or sitdown dinner
looking forward to hearing from you.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
kennene334 wrote:
Are any of the event planners in VA

where in virginia and what kind of budget do you have? when are you planning your party for? this year, next? contact me at liseramos@msn.com
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
Dear Guest
I can probably help you, depending on how flexible you are and what your budget is.
Email me at liseramos@msn.com
Let me know the following:
* date
*# of guests
*time of day/the more flexible you are with time, you may be able to get a cheaper party during the day
Looking forward to hearing from you.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
spierre162 wrote:
Hi. I'm planning a caribbean themed sweet 16. I need help finding a caribbean place to have it in. Someone please help me!

spierre - where do you live? i can help at least with ordering your invites, some decor, your thank you cards and favors. do email me at liseramos@msn.com
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
mgarcia wrote:
Hello Everyone-

I own an Event Planning company Called Marvalous Events, LLC, I am currently planning my daughter's Sweet 16th party. This is a very exciting task, because it is personal to me. Last year my son had His "Stunna 16th" Party and It turned out great!

My service can fit your budget needs and the event will be FAB-U- LOUS!

I am located in New York, I will come to you. I serve all the TRI-STATE AREA and the CAPITAL DISTRICT-UPSTATE NY!

Good Luck with your planning!

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Have been in photography for the past two years and looking to form an association with a planner. We offer design for printed materials, photography, videography and make up for teens.

Check out my sites and send me a note if you'd like to get together and chat.

Lise' Ramos
email: liseramos@msn.com
Guest July 16, 2010
In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, MAryland and Delaware I can help you plan your Sweet 16 I am an Event Planner working exclusively with Teens. Please visit my website www.MyTeenBirthdayBash.com
Guest July 18, 2010
Hey i am 17 i'll be 18 in on august 4 i am looking to see if anyone can help me on gettin some lights asap...thanks
Guest July 18, 2010
anyone own one in winston-salem were i can get lights
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 18, 2010
yes, you can order on line

ClubR361828ClubR361828Posts: 31 July 18, 2010
Lisa, yes we design custom invites!!! We design based on your ideas and print for 100 for $75 more information on our website at www.MyTeenBirthdayBash.com thanks!!!
rentame41rentame41Posts: 2 July 20, 2010
We would love to help you plan your event. Feel free to give us, Rent@ME USA, a call 704.449.7441
Guest July 21, 2010
live in oviedo, Fl and planning my baby's sweet 16th party. My budget $3,500.00 and i need help finding a nice place a catering
ClubR361828ClubR361828Posts: 31 July 21, 2010
I can accomplish a Sweet 16 party with catering, custom invites, venue, dj, lights and decorations within your $3500 budget please contact me at clubrevive@yahoo.com thanks-Sandra
thani481290thani481290Posts: 2 July 22, 2010
Hello, Im planning my daughterss 15th bday party,as single mother, I have a tight budget of about $3500.00. I want to make this nice for her since she is my only daughter. Any ideas anyone? Im in the LA, CA area. Thanks!!
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 22, 2010
Dear Thaniad,
Try Club Rio - they do a teens night called Strawberry Sunday (i believe). They used to offer non-alcoholic drinks and play great music especially for teens. If not them, they can refer you. Here is their info:

Address 1401 S. Lemon St., Los Angeles CA (Fullerton)
Type Nightclubs Los Angeles
Phone 714-525-9700

For a budget of $300, I can design matching invites, thank-you cards, favor magnets and two posters of your daughter (you take a few good shots of her and can email them to me). Let me know if this would interest you.

Good luck!
Best, Lise' Ramos
mille482507mille482507Posts: 1 July 23, 2010
Hi my name is Daman from Millennium Photos. I would be interested in taking pictures at your party. Please connect with me directly at millenniumphotos@hotmail.com if your interested.
princ482676princ482676Posts: 4 July 24, 2010
Hey my name is Andrea. I am trying to plan my sweet 16 for under 4000. My grandma is basically the only person paying for it. I do not know many places here in riverview fl. So if you know anyone or you are that someone please let me know.
katie482848katie482848Posts: 2 July 24, 2010
What about a budget of 350?
princ482676princ482676Posts: 4 July 24, 2010
Hey, my name is Andrea. I am trying to have a sweet 16. But I am having trouble with finding a place and everything else under 3500. can anyone help?
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 24, 2010
Hi Andrea,
I can try to help you. Why don't you email me all of your details such as date, time, theme, colors # of guests. I'll do some research for you. How many guests are you haviang? For a budget of $350, I can do your invites, thank-you cards, sign-in posters, welcome seating cards and favors. Email me at:

liseramos@msn.com or call at
princ482676princ482676Posts: 4 July 24, 2010
Thank you so much. I have sent you an email already.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 24, 2010
I send you one back. Read it over and get back to me. Best, Lise'
Guest July 24, 2010
Andrea- I got your emails and replied. Yes, I specialize in TEEN ONLY events such as your Sweet 16. You can check out my website at www.MyTeenBirthdayBash.com and contact me if you have more questions!! Excited to work with you and your grandmother-- Sandra
thani481290thani481290Posts: 2 July 25, 2010
Great! Thank You!!
leean483993leean483993Posts: 2 July 26, 2010
im having a sweet 16 birthday party in december and i need a planner who will not cost more than $500 and who will help me plan my party.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 26, 2010
Dear Leeannadyer4

Contact me at liseramos@msn.com

I can help with your party. I live in NYC but can do a lot over the phone and internet. You can also call me at 212-928-6572 during business hours.

Best, Lise'
Guest July 26, 2010
I am planning my daughter's 15 but having trouble with theme and decorations. What are your fees.
Guest July 26, 2010
sandra of www.myteenbirthdaybash.com here.... I only charge $100 for full consult and complete packages with everything from custom invites venue dj lighting cake food drinks etc from $1999 total!!! check out my website and give me a call 610 564 9525
daddy485454daddy485454Posts: 5 July 27, 2010
Hello my name is Desiree, and I wanted to have a 13th birthday party since im going into my teens, my mom said I have a budget of $1,500, and thats for a venue, dj, photographer, food , drinks, and a bouncy castle, plz help me smile
and I live in the napa area Napa,CA
Guest July 28, 2010
I live in CT and i am staring to plan my daughters Quinceanera for 8/10 she wants an Alive in wonderland theme My budget is 5,000. and thats for everything if anyone has any sugestions please e-mail me @ zahira_rosado@yahoo.com
Guest July 28, 2010
Sorry I meant 8/2011 e-mail me at zahira_rosado@yahoo.com
latay486056latay486056Posts: 1 July 28, 2010
I live near Dallas, TX and I just started planning my son's super 16. I really have no idea on how to begin this process. I want to have the party on September 18 and I need suggestions for a theme, location, and general entertainment for teenager. I want a mature party, but appropriate for young teens. Please help!! You can email me at latayaforward@att.net
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 29, 2010
Dear Latayaforward,
What does your son like? Does he have a hobby? Is he into sports, music or have a passion that would define him. This is a good way to determine a theme. I planned a party in Manhattan for a teen who loves basketball. We order posters of his favorite players and took shots of him playing ball and placed them around the party room. The favors, invites and decor were all reflective of basketball, and as a favor, he gave everyone a DVD docunmentary on basketball, featuring Shaq and many of the popular players. People who don't necessarily like basketball undertood better the importance of the game - the guests had a fabulous time and there was a buffet, and a tv set up with images of him playing ball. Send me an email and we can chat to determine your needs. Good luck and congratualtions!

Best regards,
Lise' Ramos
Guest July 29, 2010
Hi im going to turn 15 on Nov. 13, 2010 and I really need a banquet hall to accomadate approx. 200 people with a dance floor in the Lake Forest/Irvine/Laguna Hills are in California. please email me if you know of any cheap halls fro approx $350
Guest July 31, 2010
Hello looking for a hall in the LA area CA.my daughter is turning 15 inDEC2012.for about300 guests

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