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siran387275siran387275Posts: 1 March 17, 2010
Anyone had experience or know anyone who has thrown an elegant Sweet 16.
Arabic/Spanish motiff, big enough to accomodate 125 people and Cheap! under $4 thousand and hopefully in or near New Rochelle, NY
OccasionsByJCLLCOccasionsByJCLLCPosts: 1 March 22, 2010
Hello, I am an event planner with Occasions By J.C., LLC and would be very interested in coordinating your elegant Sweet 16 party. Please contact me for a free consultation.
kiera391113kiera391113Posts: 1 March 22, 2010
are yu cheap
weddi139054weddi139054Posts: 9 March 25, 2010
I'm in Boston and not in your area. However don't think of Cheap but think of what's the most important thing you desire for the party and spend your money there. Better to be Over the top on one thing remembered then a lot of this and that which adds no value to your party. Contact me if you still have questions.
ben294409ben294409Posts: 1 March 27, 2010
Cheap is a relative term. I would say that it would depend on what you want. If you are going to hire entertainment such as a DJ or Band, you should remember that you are playing for talent. Seasoned talent cost if you are looking for a professional. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have an elegant party. You just have to spend it on the right items. In NY (Westchester) it will cost you to rent the room especially if you are in a hotel room and your event is on a Saturday. It's the prime night for anyone in the entertainment business. We are Outrageous Entertainment and Party Rentals, llc in Mount Kisco, NY. Please ask any questions that you may have.
Guest March 28, 2010
I wouldn't call me services cheap because that would mean that I don't take pride in my work. I will say that I have packages to fit every budget. If you are interested in my services please contact us at info@occasionsbyjc.com
Guest March 28, 2010
im having a 15 and i wanna know how much it is.are you cheap?
Guest March 28, 2010
ok i need a fabulous graduation cake and i would like it to be a topsy turvy cake does ant one know where i can find a place that maked them in iowa?
jan2m396829jan2m396829Posts: 1 March 29, 2010
OccasionsbyJC. were are you located??
Guest March 29, 2010
Hi, im already planning my Sweet 16, but i was just wondering do you take pics. of a photoshoot cause i wanna take pic for the party
mattz395532mattz395532Posts: 1 March 29, 2010
Hello, I live in MA and hosted a very formal, elegant Sweet 16 two yrs ago for my oldest daughter. I spent less than $3,000.00 on the whole event. We had a formal hall, DJ, wedding style cake, 2 buffet tables of food and I even had chocolate fountain with tons of goodies to dip. Every guest had a great time but most importantly my daughter to this day brags about it. I'm currently planning my youngests sweet 16th for April and my budget this time is $2,000.00. You just have to shop around and sometimes it's the little things that make the lasting impressions.
scasi398381scasi398381Posts: 1 March 30, 2010
tinap398062tinap398062Posts: 1 March 30, 2010
Hey I live in Georgia and am planning a sweet sixteen. Could someone provide me with more information on good venues or caterers?
XxCOO398897XxCOO398897Posts: 1 March 30, 2010
Hello (: my name is Kylie i'm turning 16. I want the perfect sweet 16 party. Can you help me?
bronx399169bronx399169Posts: 2 March 31, 2010
I did my little sister's elegant Cinderella themed Sweet 16 for $3000.00. Bargain shopping and had it catered, awesome dj, great location that only cost $300.00 for and entired day plus 2 hours the prior day for the court to have their rehersal. Working on a mascarade theme sweet 16 event now. Since I live in GA a lot of the traditional stuff that we would like to go to a store and buy are not available I did a lot of internet shopping.
bronx399169bronx399169Posts: 2 March 31, 2010
tinapooja678 wrote:
Hey I live in Georgia and am planning a sweet sixteen. Could someone provide me with more information on good venues or caterers?

What kind of Caterer are you looking for and where are you located. I use the community centers within your area
raysh399294raysh399294Posts: 1 March 31, 2010
IM having my sweet sixteen in 3 months and i have no clue what to do i need help please help me.
Guest April 1, 2010
I would like to know the location in GA for the $300 planing party for my daughter. Please e-mail me at brendamoyorican@yahoo.com
chola401497chola401497Posts: 1 April 3, 2010
hi my name is andrea in lookin for a bigg room for my 15 nera were can i find one? here in las vegas
Guest April 4, 2010
hi, im sha'kaira I can't wait im going to be 16 at sept 2010 and going to biggest party ever from in arkansas.....
jenna401861jenna401861Posts: 1 April 5, 2010
Hey i'm Jenna and i will be 16 June 12 2010 and i need help planing a huge party on a party bus. Will you help me? i live in Port St. Lucie, Florida
Guest April 5, 2010
me, my brother, and my cousin want to have a sweet 16/17 together and outher places are super expensive, can you help me out?
lasha403351lasha403351Posts: 1 April 6, 2010
I'm having the same issue trying to find a resonable place. My son will be 16 this month and sprung the party thing in me at the last minute so not much time to shop around or plan. I live in athens ga. so far the most resonable thin I've found was Buffalo's resturant party room for 50-120 people with a $150 deposit and a min of $400 food. or 24-48 people with $75 deposit and a food min of $200. Hope that helps someone. If anyone knows anything better lat me know. My email address is lashannjohnson30@yahoo.com
katal403526katal403526Posts: 1 April 6, 2010
thats really expensive !!!!!i need a cheap place upstate, ny and its for a sweet 16.
sanch403691sanch403691Posts: 1 April 6, 2010
Im throwing a Sweet Sixteen for my Daughter THIS SATURDAY APRIL 10TH @ 5:30pm and need a speaker or a minister, my uncle has not made it back from his church Missionaries. UGH!!! I need someone fast not even to talk for a full hour!!! please help Garland, TX
thalo404460thalo404460Posts: 1 April 7, 2010
nice to know thank all of you but i am looking for more than that
Guest April 7, 2010
Does anyone know of a reasonable hall in Chicago area?
Guest April 7, 2010
Decor etc. for you're special events ranging from table linen, chair cover's & overlays for you're special events. We also cater. Please e-mail us at decoretc@yahoo.com

Guest April 7, 2010
Hi! Im looking for a banquet salon for a good price. My sister is going to turn 15 this month on April 22,2010. My parents and I are all planning on having a small qinceanera with around 150-200 people. Does anyone know a Dj. Buffet servers, decorators,etc. We're planning on having it on the end of May. So please. I need your help!
Guest April 8, 2010
Hi i am looking for someone who is willin to do a wedding...
loves406118loves406118Posts: 1 April 8, 2010
Guest April 8, 2010
well i just moved in texas last summer and i didn't know anyone so i just went to an amusement park for my sweet sixteen. But i would like to know where a good hall is in texas for my 18th birthday party next year. im looking now because I would like to know how much it would cost so i can save up. Does anyone know where a good hall is in texas for a birthday party in a hall for a good price?
Guest April 9, 2010
I think alot of these little girls have been watching waaaay too much Sweet
sixteen on EM TEE VEE. lmao !!!!
Guest April 9, 2010
I am planning a bachelorette party. HEEELP. it will be for about 15 people. I am seeking a restraunt of the sort.
kenne407052kenne407052Posts: 2 April 10, 2010
In VA trying to plan a sweet sixteen with a NY theme any ideas?
Guest April 10, 2010
how much is it for a rental for the night ? does it matter how many guest it is ?
adria408932adria408932Posts: 1 April 12, 2010
hi im turning 16 next year (2011) and i want a cheap party room and everything the most budget i can spend is around maybe $350 please contact me
ScottRothEventsScottRothEventsPosts: 4 April 12, 2010

Scott Roth Events is here to help you with your needs. We cover the tristate area.
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 April 13, 2010
For your Sweet 16 invitation needs, check out my website - we just recently completed some awesome concert ticket style invitations that you can see/read more about here on my blog - http://neotericexpressions.blogspot.com/2010/04/concert-ticket-style-invitations.html
We're reasonably priced and can accomodate your party theme and colors.

NeotericExpressions, LLC
Guest April 13, 2010
Oh hey well i think that to plan a sweet sixteen or a qincanera u need lots of money
Guest April 13, 2010
Anyone looking to book events in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding sreas please call! 419-508-5581 "Too A Tee Event Design"
Junio410390Junio410390Posts: 1 April 13, 2010
OccasionsByJC wrote:
Hello, I am an event planner with Occasions By J.C., LLC and would be very interested in coordinating your elegant Sweet 16 party. Please contact me for a free consultation.

I need a sweet 13 party for me. Please write back if u can help me.
I would like a Dj.
Guest April 14, 2010
well im going to be 17 and i want to have a party this yeat
fruit410995fruit410995Posts: 2 April 14, 2010
OccasionsByJC wrote:
Hello, I am an event planner with Occasions By J.C., LLC and would be very interested in coordinating your elegant Sweet 16 party. Please contact me for a free consultation.
fruit410995fruit410995Posts: 2 April 14, 2010
i need a dj and a place for my sweet 16 my party is hopefully going to be june 19th please tell me if you are interested
CCEventPDCCEventPDPosts: 7 April 14, 2010
I have been in business since 1994. Opening a second location in Miami, Florida.

I specialize in creating different themes at a price that fits all budgets.

Creative Concepts Event Planning and Design
Janelle Johnson, MBA, CSEP, CBC, CBA
Direct: 404-668-3624
Fax: 404-601-9347
Website: www.Wedologist.com
Email: creativeconcepts1994@gmail.com
Guest April 14, 2010
im having a 15 next year and need a venue for alot of people
Guest April 15, 2010
my daughter is turning 15 dec 18 i need a nice big banquet or hall room we r taking our own food for 350 people any nice place in ga mariamendoza2@yahoo.com
Guest April 17, 2010
Hello I am looking for a place to host a party in Michigan along with three of my other friends and I would like to know where OccasionsByJC is located?
deniiseeboodeniiseebooPosts: 2 April 17, 2010
heyy i'm looking for a venue for my friend's sweet 16 and i need one aysap! she's on a budget and it needs to be in the bay area. if there are any venues interested please contact me smile it should be able to fit roughly 100 people and include a dance floor. outside catering is also needed because we just need the venue. please and thanks!
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