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Nat0214Nat0214Posts: 2 Tampa, FL June 11, 2013
Hi I live in Tampa, Fl and I am a college student at USF. One of my sorority sisters is having a babay and I am planning her shower. I really need help finding a venue. The day we have as of right now is July 28. We need some where that is noce but cheap. In the past our sisters have had showers at the YMCA and apartment complex club houses. However, none of these have worked out so far. I really need some help.
sandrascustomsandrascustomPosts: 3 June 11, 2013
can you call me I need more info, I have a couple of places in mind.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 311 June 11, 2013
Hi Nat0214 -
There are a ton of places in Tampa and the area that can do a baby shower.

Questions you will want to have answered are:

- Are you going to need any food brought in?

- Are you planning it on a weekday or weekend?

These are just a couple big factors to consider when picking a place.

We have over 150 Party Places in Tampa. Browse the list and contact ones that you think fit!

Good luck!
Guest June 11, 2013
I have baby shower locket gift ideas for the mother and your sorority sisters.

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