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UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 April 24, 2013
Bridal Shows are times for brides to come meet vendors in their areas and be able to talk with them on a one on one basis. To ask questions. Brides should come with questions for specific vendors, there are some give aways that take place. Please make sure that you come to a bridal show for the right reason, most of the vendors there pay to be there so please come to bridal shows for the right reason. .
DonialDonialPosts: 6 April 25, 2013
I generally go to bridal shows to showcase my travel agency. It usually cost me anywhere from $500-$1,000 to do this. I give things away as oppose to making money that day. I ask that the brides keep that in mind.
Guest April 25, 2013
So is it safe to say vendors should prepare to spend and not make anything from bridal shows?
DonialDonialPosts: 6 April 25, 2013
Pretty much it is for the future not for the right then and there. The idea is to get your business known. So it goes back to "you have to spend money to make money." I know it sounds crazy but that is how these shows go. I have given away a lot but in the long run I usually get the business. Not because of what I give but of how I am willing to service them without them spending a penny.
abcdedfabcdedfPosts: 6 April 25, 2013
THE BEST show. Bridal usually hosts this part and the models, the dresses, and the show itself if pretty awesome.
conta913919conta913919Posts: 3 April 25, 2013
My experience with bridal shows has always been positive because, as a vendor, (event planner), I go to them to network with other vendors, as much as to meet future clients. I also make a point of taking other vendors promotional materials and keeping them on file for future clients. It's all about balancing exchanges of help and support in business!~Alexandra King, Alexandra King
Guest April 25, 2013
Bridal Show are simply a platform.. They are NOT the magic carpet ride. It is up to YOU and your personality, how you showcase and interact with the public. How you get them insterested in YOUR product and services and your follow up. Have a passion for what you do and who you are.. The rest.. comes. Be willing to put time and effort out,learn and put more time and effort out in what you do. Sometimes you may just be surprised that you HAVE gotten bookings and sales right at the show. It is not ALWAYS ABOUT is about quality of who attends and if YOUR business is what they are seeking at the time.
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MelodyChenMelodyChenPosts: 2 April 25, 2013
I agree with you~
elega937269elega937269Posts: 2 May 1, 2013
As a Bridal Show Producer for 18 years, I find that the exhibitors that do well at the shows are the ones that offer some kind of incentive to either book an appointment or sign-up at the show, and who interact and follow up with the brides There are usually several exhibitors in the different categories to shop and compare before making a decision. The importance of what the bridal show offers is the opportunity to meet your potential customers face-to-face and make them want you to be a part of their wedding.
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juicytimeREMOVEDjuicytimeREMOVEDPosts: 2 May 3, 2013
As the bridal show is just a platform for you to share your happiness with your guests and you needn't worry to much about it.

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