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frankpuleo7frankpuleo7Posts: 7 February 6, 2013
If anyone wants a destination wedding in Italy, we have the BEST contacts ever. They do incredible events all over Italy, but their specialty is on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. La Calla Events. They are great.
Alexandra1955Alexandra1955Posts: 4 February 6, 2013
Hi, I would really appreciate it if you could send me some information on Italy. I have a bride who is looking for that exact information. My e-mail is:
thanks so much
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 February 14, 2013
Do you have information for honeymoons too? Please send me some information as well:

Thank you!
divasforhiredivasforhirePosts: 2 February 14, 2013
you can contact for travel as well
jimmyonwebjimmyonwebPosts: 5 February 19, 2013
But destination weddings are adventurous but not healthy
DonialDonialPosts: 6 April 25, 2013
Hello my name is Donial and I am a honeymoon and weddingmoon specialist. I can't find anywhere to place my specialty. I would like to make contact with brides to be to discuss options. If anyone knows how I can do that please email me at

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