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sophiebensophiebenPosts: 4 November 8, 2012
I am having my wedding ceremony by next month. Even we booked a wedding hall in Toronto for that. It is really a lovely place to host a party. So, I would like to know one thing related to my ceremony. Do you have any creative ideas on installing the centerpiece? What about ice sculptures? Will that be a good one? Please share your suggestions here.
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 November 8, 2012
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Ice sculptures would be a cool idea (forgive the pun), but you'll need to consider that they will melt over the course of your reception, so they'll need to sit in some kind of receptacle/tray that will collect the melt-off.

I recently presided over a wedding where they used tall glass cylinders with a string of battery-powered white lights bunched up inside. The cylinders were wound with color-coordinated ribbon and surrounded by some votives. It looked very festive and was something different from the usual flower arrangements.

Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises Officiants
marywhitespacemarywhitespacePosts: 8 November 8, 2012
Sophie...congratulations! Go onto Pinterest and look on some boards under Weddings and Events. There are so many creative ideas! you'll find things like Marti suggested and more! Ice sculptures will only be one item so you're spending lots of money on one thing, when you could take your budget and make a much more personal statement of you and your husband to be by spreading it throughout the room. Best wishes!
ClerciusCaleb89ClerciusCaleb89Posts: 2 November 8, 2012
ClerciusCaleb89ClerciusCaleb89Posts: 2 November 8, 2012
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