Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Sixteen . Messages in this topic - RSS

Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Sixteen . Messages in this topic - RSS

yvett962916yvett962916Posts: 1 October 25, 2012
I'm looking for a venue that can hold from 250 - 300 people i live in Deltona Florida and would like it if the place was near by. its for my daughters sweet sixteen and the party date is in may of next year.
stansstuffstansstuffPosts: 1 October 25, 2012
Hello!! The DelRay Ballroom would love to host your Sweet Sixteen Party!! We are in Lincoln, NE come on up!! smile
Guest October 25, 2012
Ok, I suggest you contact your local parks down there. Many have buildings that can be rented inexpensivley with enough notice. Seen some nice weddings at such locations. Sarah's Seasonings 355.255.8251
Guest October 25, 2012
Sarah's Seasonings 352.255.8351 Sorry typing too fast again.
babyg963386babyg963386Posts: 1 October 26, 2012
HELLO!!!!!!!!!! I am looking for a good deal with planning a sweet sixteen party for December 15, 2012. HELP!!!!!!!!!
TajaeTajaePosts: 1 October 28, 2012
Hello I Am Looking For A Party Room In The DC And Md Area For A Sweet 16 In February 2013
DeckstarStudiosDeckstarStudiosPosts: 4 November 9, 2012
Look in your area for any Family event centers or teen dance clubs. These places will always help with one stop shopping for an event. Example We own a nightclub that can be rented out for a private event which gives you the following in one location:
DJ, SOUND, LIGHTING, REFRESHMENT BAR, SEATING, COOL DECOR and MORE. Perfect for a really cool VIP BIRTHDAY PARTY like the Celebrities do.
Visit us online for details and other ideas. if not in the Kansas City Area then check out venues in yours.

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InvitationsandProgramsInvitationsandProgramsPosts: 2 November 13, 2012
Tajae wrote:
Hello I Am Looking For A Party Room In The DC And Md Area For A Sweet 16 In February 2013

Officiant 240-566-2627
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 November 18, 2012
check out:{MetroAreadID:9|MacroID:188|NeighborhoodList:9230,177,3824,2294,8369,7421,3671,6077,417,9539,8510,3869,826,181,495,808,3491|PriceList:2|CapacityList:51|RequestedRegions:188}

If you need invites, email me at
I can do your invites, thank you favors, welcome banner for your event (you can email a nice photo of yourself and I'll put a package together for you). Packages start at $150

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